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Granite / basalt patches are mainly used in driveways and for representative purposes. Laying granite / basalt cobblestones is not that easy and, above all, requires a lot of work.
As the name implies, these are small paving stones that have to be laid one by one, piece by piece.
In addition, there are many different types of laying in granite / basalt paving, which results in different patterns.
Anyone who decides on a very filigree version, has a lengthy and sometimes nerve-racking work in front of him.
Laying small granite / basalt paving - the laying techniques
The different laying techniques are referred to in the jargon as plaster bandage. Widely used is the row plaster, which is mainly laid from large paving stones, but also as small and mosaic paving stones in rows is possible.
This type of installation is used for ornamental ribbons and rest areas as well as on the terrace and on smaller paths. The small paving made of granite / basalt is laid here in rows, as in a wall - so always offset.
Also popular is the Diagonalverband, which is a modification of the series. Here, the rows with offset joints are laid diagonally to the path at a 45-degree angle. This creates the well-known herringbone pattern.
Another type of laying is called Passepflaster or Polygonalpflaster. It is also laid at a 45-degree angle to the road axis, but has no regularity.
Very decorative is the Schuppenbogenpflaster, which is often used on terraces. Here you can use different stones, which differ primarily in their color from each other. So you can get a very handsome picture.
However, before these variants are used, a ground-level substrate must be created, which consists of a sand-gravel mixture. So a good drainage is created. If you have then decided on a pattern, according to this every single paving stone is introduced into the sand-gravel bed.
Lay the tip for the granite / basalt small plaster
If you do not want to do the work and can invest a little money, you can also contact a corresponding company for the installation of small paving.
You can find such providers in the local business directory and on the Internet, here on the search engines. In any case, you should get several offers, because the costs can vary greatly.
In any case, it must be clarified in the offer whether the company only calculates the working time or whether additional material costs are added. Sometimes it can be cheaper if you order working time and material from a craftsman, as craft companies are granted completely different purchasing conditions.

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