Build small wind turbine - prices and running costs

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Build small wind turbine - prices and running costs

The signs of our time seem to demand more care in the treatment of our natural environment. This also includes using resources for energy production, the use of which does not have negative consequences for the environment or permanently destroy natural resources.
Wind is one of these natural stocks. It is infinitely available, and when humans use it for energy, the balance of nature in general is not changed in any way. However, the subject matter is difficult to comprehend. Especially when calculating the profitability of your small wind turbine, you will have to expect a lot in advance.
Build small wind turbine - prices
Generally, it is circulating that for a small wind turbine per kilowatt about 2.500, - to 3.000, - Euro investment costs arise. This is an average calculation that says little about an investment on your property and its cost-effectiveness. On the one hand, the numbers on which the calculation of this sum is based are usually outdated. Because the websites, where these prices are given, are often not from this and not from last year. In their early days, the technology of wind turbines had to be paid dearly, here also development costs were often part of the price.
However, wind energy technology has made considerable progress in the last 20 years, especially in Germany, the technological development met positive conditions.
The state supported research and development, provided funding and favorable financing options. The Stromeinspeisungsgesetz and the Renewable Energies Act as successors from April 2000 ensured planning security by establishing a minimum feed-in tariff. In Germany, for example, wind energy has been steadily expanded, giving German technologies a leading role on the world market for wind turbines.
This also has an effect on the price of your system: The prices for wind turbines have steadily dropped since the beginning. Here, technological progress (more efficient plant technology), optimized production processes and the production of larger quantities have a common effect. As early as 2011, the costs of producing electricity from wind energy will be the same as the cost of producing electricity in new conventional power plants. According to statements by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, electricity from wind energy on the electricity exchange should cost less than electricity from conventional generation by 2015 at the latest. If you install a wind turbine, you contribute to this development, including the downward trend in prices for small wind turbines.
a small wind turbine

Apart from these general considerations, each system must be calculated individually. How much electricity it generates depends on the location as well as the usable wind and other factors. The investment costs also depend on several factors, including how much you can build on the system yourself. Because too
A small wind turbine not only includes the technical components, but also a mast and foundation for many installations. These make up a significant part of the costs, but can be realized by cost-sharing on the construction much cheaper. Anyone who has already cast the foundation for a house will also become the foundation
can produce a small wind turbine according to the information provided in accordance with the regulations (but you should ask a structural engineer).
Before you can get any offers, you have to check the average wind speed at the installation site of your house wind turbine. Basic values ​​are provided by the German Weather Service, but experts recommend their own measurements. Whether you can become a self-sufficient with the house wind turbine, then depends on whether they find a small wind turbine that works at the given you average wind speed at all.
Not only should you rely on information on paper, reputable manufacturers will be able to give you reference projects where you can query empirical values. You should also pay attention to an IEC certification of the system.
It indicates for which wind class an installation is approved.
In addition to the purchase price
a small wind turbine, the running costs must be determined. Here, too, contradictory statements exist. You are on the safe side when questioning other operators of the small wind turbine you are considering based on their experience. If you have all this data, you can calculate whether a small wind turbine is conceivable and when the investment pays off.
If you have found a small wind turbine for which reliable figures are available and which also matches the wind given to you, it will often turn out that the amortization will take a while. Nevertheless, it is a wonderful feeling to be a little more independent in the care and not to harm the environment.Since the peak season for small wind turbines is in the winter months, they are an ideal complement to photovoltaics, since solar energy in the summer season, their highest yield.

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