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Mowing lawn, watering potted plants and watering lawns take a lot of time, especially in summer. It would be much nicer if you could just enjoy the garden instead. This is actually possible thanks to new technologies. Lawn mowers and irrigation systems can be easily controlled by smartphone and do the work automatically. We show you which devices you can use to create your own Smart Garden.

For example, in the "Smart System" from Gardena, a rain sensor and irrigation machine are in radio contact with a so-called gateway, the link to the Internet. A suitable program (app) for the smartphone gives you access from anywhere. A sensor provides the most important weather data, so that the irrigation of the lawn or the drip irrigation of beds or pots is tuned to it. Pouring and lawn mowing, two of the most time-consuming jobs in the garden, can therefore be done largely automatically and controlled via the smartphone. Gardena offers a robotic lawnmower to match this system. The Sileno + tunes itself wirelessly with the irrigation system via the gateway so that it does not start until after mowing.

Gardena Smartphone App

Gardena smart system

It is possible to program and control the robotic lawnmower and the irrigation system via the smartphone. Irrigation and mowing times can be coordinated with each other: If the lawn is raining, the robotic lawnmower remains in the charging station

Lawn mower control via app

Even robotic lawnmowers can be operated with mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. The mower operates independently after laying a perimeter wire, charging its battery at the charging station if necessary and even informing the owner when the blades need to be checked. With an app, you can start mowing, return to the base station, set up schedules for mowing, or view a map of the previously mown area.

Bosch Indego 1200 Connect

Bosch's Indego robotic lawnmower can be easily and conveniently operated via smartphone or tablet using the "Bosch Smart Gardening" app

Garden irrigation via app

Kärcher, a well-known high-pressure cleaner, is also taking up the subject of intelligent irrigation. The "Sensotimer ST6" system measures soil moisture every 30 minutes and starts irrigation when it falls below a preset value. With one device, two separate soil zones can be irrigated separately. A conventional system that initially works without an app but via programming on the device. Kärcher has recently started working with the smart home platform Qivicon. Above that the "Sensotimer" can be controlled via smartphone app.
The water garden specialist Oase has been offering a smart solution for the garden for some time now. The power management system for garden sockets "InScenio FM-Master WLAN" can be controlled via tablet or smartphone. With this technique, it is possible to regulate flow rates of the water play and watercourse pumps and make adjustments according to the season. Up to ten units from Oase can be controlled in this way.

Smart Home

In the living area, automation has advanced even further under the term "smart home": shutters, ventilation, lighting and heating work in harmony with each other. Motion detectors turn on the lights, register contacts on doors and windows when they are opened or closed. This not only saves energy, the systems also help protect against fire and burglars. So you can have a message sent to your smartphone, if in the absence of a door is opened or a smoke alarm gives alarm. Also on the images of cameras that are attached to the house or garden, you get access via smartphone. Getting started with smart home systems (such as Devolo, Telekom, RWE) is easy and not just for technology enthusiasts. They are gradually being expanded according to the modular principle. However, you should think in advance, which features you might want to use in the future, and consider the purchase. For all the technical sophistication - the systems of different providers are usually not compatible with each other.

Devolo Home Control Starter Pack

The Devolo "Home Control Starter Pack" is on sale for about 300 euros

In the Smart Home system, different devices communicate with each other: when the patio door is opened, the thermostat controls the heating. Radio-controlled sockets are operated via the smartphone. The topic of safety plays an important role, for example in the case of networked smoke detectors or burglary protection. According to the modular principle further devices can be included.

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