Smoke nuisance by crickets in the garden

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Smoke nuisance by crickets in the garden

Barbecue in the garden - a pastime that hardly anyone says no. For a garden is finally there. Where else can you make an open fire? And right here is a problem to find that keeps busy courts: Smoke nuisance by crickets.

Regulations vary by state
It is not possible to find a nationwide uniform regulation here because it does not exist. So you can not say flat rate how often you can grill in the garden. For example, in North Rhine-Westphalia and Brandenburg, it is forbidden to throw on the grill if the neighbor is harassed by smoke.

In other states the case law is different and not at all clear. For example, some federal states allow them to grill a maximum of five times a year in their own garden (Bavaria, for example). In all other countries you have to regulate it individually. Best talk to the neighbors. If there should be trouble in the house, you can either arrive at a trial, or refrain from grilling. You have to make the decision yourself.

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