Snails despite snail fence - what really helps?

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A worm fence is often used as a defense against snails. Unfortunately, the use of such is not always successful.
The worm fence is made of metal, is about 10 to 15 inches high and is built around the surface to be protected. The operating principle is that the surfaces are so smooth that the screws have no hold on them and thus can not get over. As mentioned at the beginning, this concept is only conditionally.
If the worm fence does not help, you have to use other methods to control the snail plague. You can choose between biological and chemical agents.
The most popular chemical agent against snails is slug pellets. Slug grain leads after admission to the speedy death of the snail. Unfortunately, snail grain exerts this poisonous effect not only on snails, other animals feel attracted by the snail grain. So it also happens with our beloved pets poisoning, because the owner or the neighbors too carelessly handled with slug pellets.
In addition to the chemical agents, which should be used only in extreme emergency, there are a number of biological methods to combat snails. For example, one can use the greed of the snails to keep them away from the protecting plants. For this purpose one sets simply also in popular snails plants between lettuce, tomato and Co. Then the snails on the other plants are friendly and the crops are spared.
So that it does not even come to a snail plague, you should do a lot from the outset to keep the snails away. For example, you can opt for fruits and vegetables that snails do not like to eat. If one decides instead of lettuce for other types of lettuce, one has already done much against the snails.
Incidentally, the protected snails are among the natural enemies of the nudibranch. They eat their eggs with real enjoyment. Other natural enemies can help against snails. A cozy home for hedgehogs, for example, by stacking a Reisighaufens in the garden, can also ensure that the slugs are naturally combated.

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