Fight snails in the garden - beer helps

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Snails in the garden are unpleasant and disgusting. But before you tackle the snails with poison, two tips how to do it without.

Fight snails garden

If you refer to the garden, beer is usually only for grilling on the table. But instead of just drinking it, beer is also a wonderful way to get rid of an annoying snail plague in the garden. Often hobby gardeners are totally overwhelmed when it comes to the small and also disgusting slugs to offer. They eat through the vegetable beds and leave a considerable amount of damage.

Fight snails - With beer instead of poison

Here can be remedied. Buy some snail traps from specialist retailers and fill them with beer. Attracted by the smell, the snails fall into the specially shaped trap and can not get out. Then the traps are simply emptied and the procedure starts again, if necessary. In this way, entire host of snails remove without interfering with the ecology of nature by snail venom.

4 pieces of Bio Schneckenfallen timtina

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4 pieces of Bio Schneckenfallen timtina

  • Beer traps no chemistry no poison
  • practical "roof" to attach, no thinning of the beer in the rain
  • Due to the smell of the beer, the snails are attracted, land in the trap and can be easily disposed of

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Collect snails under rhubarb leaves

Another solution may be the laying out of large rhubarb leaves. They are very large and make sure that the shady ground underneath does not dry out so quickly. Perfect for slugs! Precisely for that reason, they like to forgive. During the day you pick up the leaves and can easily collect the snails underneath. But beware: Collect the snails while it is still light, because at night you are on the way again...

Schnexagon stops snails without killing them


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  • TRANSPARENT PAINTING - "Schnexagon" is effective against snails. The protective coating is not fatal, but prevents movement through an insurmountable non-stick barrier.
  • WORK LONG - Harmful poison often does not permanently cure your snail pest. Whether on wood, stone, metal, clay or plastic. Schnexagon works about 8 weeks against the propagation of snails.
  • PESTICIDE-FREE - Schnexagon is a friendly solution for snail defense and does not pose any danger to children or pets. The ecological protective coating contains harmless substances.
  • UNIVERSAL APPLICABLE - Since Schnexagon is suitable for use on many materials, it can be used to coat raised beds, lawn edges, as well as plant pots or terraces.
  • EASY TO APPLY - Apply Schnexagon like a liquid snail fence to the areas affected by the plague with a brush and benefit directly from the snail guard.

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