Get rid of snails in the garden - 9 effective home remedies

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The snail has proliferated in recent years. This is especially true of the slug, which emerges in wet weather and literally populates the gardens in some regions. The problem is that while there are natural enemies. However, these rarely live in a utility and ornamental garden or they are just as little desirable as the snail. In any case, these include moles. But toads, chickens and ducks eat snails or they eat the eggs. Only they do not walk around in a modern garden anymore. The only garden dweller is the hedgehog, but he alone can not fight snail plague. Some songbirds are also interested in snails as food. These include blackbirds, parents and crows. Gulls and herons are helpful supporters in controlling the snail when the garden is near a body of water.

Use home remedies or chemical agents for snail control

If you want to permanently remove the snail from your garden, you should use medium throughout the year. The animals move only very slowly, but they lay a large number of eggs. Then hatch the boys who populate your garden. If you do not want to collect a variety of dead animals from your garden, it is a good recommendation if you are already destroying the eggs. You can use home remedies to fight off the snail plague, or you can rely on chemical remedies. But these also add to your plants. If you value a biological garden, you should refrain from using chemical means. There are several home remedies that bring good results and are also very easy to use. Since you have these funds in your home anyway, there are no additional costs to you.

Natural methods for snail control

You can choose between different methods if you want to fight the animals naturally. Choose a variation that works well with your gardening and matches the size of your garden. Also, the type of animals that settled in your garden should play a role in choosing the appropriate remedy. Nudibranchs have more natural predators than, for example, snails, which are better protected against predators by their house. Decide individually or try some remedies to find out which works best against the snails.

Collect the snails

In principle, it is possible to accumulate individual animals and suspend them in the wild. This is recommended only if you have a very small garden or if the animals have settled in your tubs and window boxes. In larger gardens, the effort is too big. Nevertheless, the most natural method of clearing your garden of animals is to collect it.

Remove eggs with eggs

If you do not want to start harvesting the animals every year, you should remove the eggs in the fall. A single snail can lay up to 400 eggs. This explains why a plague is so fast in your garden. A snail lays its eggs in the autumn under large leaves or foliage accumulations. Even edges, such as lawn edge stones, or pits are used for oviposition. Snail eggs are large collections of small white balls the size of a pinhead. They look milky and are therefore easy to recognize. You can prevent it in several ways:
  • Do not leave any planting holes
  • remove foliage in the fall and layer it on a compost pile
  • Remove bark mulch
  • Loosen soil well in beds
  • Just uncover nests so they dry out or be eaten by birds
When distributing compost in spring, make sure that it does not contain any snail nests. Otherwise, you can get a new plague in the garden this way.

Fight snail plague with coffee


The snail can easily be fought with the spreading of coffee grounds. If a lot of coffee is drunk in your family, this is the ideal prerequisite for effective snail control. The coffee grounds are also biodegradable and damage neither the soil nor the plants. When the snail eats the coffee grounds, it is destroyed. However, if you have a major plague, be prepared to collect large numbers of dead animals. Sometimes, however, birds also provide important assistance in the elimination of dead animals
Tip: You can spread the coffee grounds daily fresh. Focus on the places in your garden where the snail is particularly intense.

Salt as another effective home remedy for snail control

Salt is very cheap and available in every household. The home remedy performs very well in snail control, because it can be easily applied.Similar to coffee, the salt is very effective, because the animals eat it and die. Your plants will not be affected. If you do not like coffee or drink it very rarely, the home remedy is a very good alternative.

Use chemical agents

Chemical remedies are very effective because they contain a poison that kills the animals within a short time. The disadvantage, however, is that your plants come in contact with it. If you put a lot of emphasis on a biological garden, this type of slug fight is not a good choice for you. However, it can happen that the plague is very large and that you can no longer achieve success with home remedies. In this case, the one-time use of a chemical snail control agent is recommended and also advisable because you can not get rid of the plague otherwise. Make sure you have the right dosage and try not to damage the plants too much. Sometimes a combination of chemical control and decoction helps, for example, if you do not want to burden the vegetables with chemicals.

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