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You want to organize a garden party in winter? Then, of course, a snow bar must not be missing. Here is a guide for it.

Build a snow bar

This year's New Year's Eve party should be something very special? If enough snow has fallen and you have a slightly larger garden, there is a wonderful opportunity for a very special winter party flair to provide: namely, a real snow bar. You do not even need too much to build such a snow bar. First of all, it is important that enough snow is available. If there is not enough in the garden alone, it may be worthwhile to look around the street to see if one or the other neighbor has piled up a slightly larger pile in front of his house while pushing snow. If you ask nicely, it should not be a problem if you get the snow out of there.

If there is not enough snow available, you can also take a table or empty crates as a base and build the bar on it - so you save the lowest layer of snow and get by with significantly less snow.

The most important thing is to process the snow in such a way that it becomes hard enough not to be directly deformed again by bottles and glasses that are turned off. It is also important to consider how you can make the bar so consistent that it will at least survive the evening of the celebration - especially if you want to decorate the bar with lanterns and candles. But fortunately, there is a very simple means - because in addition to enough snow you need for the construction of a snow bar just enough water.


  • 1 You need this for the construction of a good snow bar
  • 2 step by step instructions
    • 2.1 And here the work steps once in the short summary:
  • 3 tips for decorating a snow bar
    • 3.1 ❍ lanterns:
    • 3.2 ❍ Fairy lights:
    • 3.3 ❍ torches:
    • 3.4 ❍ LED candles:
  • 4 Conclusion:

You need this for building a good snow bar

When it is clear whether an additional base is needed or if there is enough snow, planning is the key. The list of required materials is relatively short. Look for yourself:

  • snow
  • with too little snow for the foundation tables or empty crates
  • several mortar tubs with edge dimensions of at least 40 x 20 cm
  • Garden hose with spray nozzle, which can produce a fine water mist

Very important are several, preferably three or four, mortar bucket with a rectangular shape. The edge length should not be less than 40 x 20 cm. A depth of 20 cm is enough. If the mortar bucket is a little wider, that's no problem. All you need is a shovel, water and a garden hose with a nozzle, which can ideally produce water mist. In any case, the spray nozzle should be able to make the water jet as fine as possible. Here is an overview of the necessary material:

Step by step instructions

Step 1:

If you want to get started, you must first fill the mortar tubs with the snow. It is best to wet the walls with a thin mist of water beforehand. If the snow is not poppy, but it is powder snow, you have to add some water while you fill the mortar tubs, so that the snow gets nice and sticky. Then flatten the snow in the mortar tubs as much as possible. Then it makes sense again to distribute some water on the snow and then leave the mortar bucket a bit in the cold, so that the water can freeze all around. While one mortar bucket is freezing, you can already fill the next bucket.

Step 2:

If the snow in the mortar tubs is a little frozen by the water, you can overturn the bucket. Now you have a finished snow block. The blocks from the mortar tubs are now arranged in an L or U shape, depending on how the bar is to be designed. The seams between the snow stones should now tap off with fresh snow to fill in the gaps.

Step 3:

When the first layer of snowstones stands, there will be at least a second row of snowstones on top. The snow bar should reach a height of around 1.10. It is very important that you make sure that no cross joints arise. This means that you have to put the snow stones offset on top of each other. In the second row, the stones will then survive on the right and left at the respective end. But that's no problem, because you can easily cut off excess snow with a good shovel.

Step 4:

When the bar area is reached and there is enough snow left, it makes sense to place at least one row of snowstones in front of the bar in the direction of the guest seats.This series is then designed to allow guests to store their glasses and bottles, while the actual bar really remains as a workplace for the bartender.

Step 5:

On the work surface, you can now form with small bottles or large cups light depressions in the snow. These are the places where glasses or cups stay best.

Step 6:

Now that this second part of the snow bar is designed, you should water the whole construct again. You have to pay attention to two things. First, the water should not be too warm, otherwise the snow melts before it starts to freeze again. And that can lead to a significant loss of altitude at the snow bar. Also, do not just pour water from a bucket onto the bar. Because when you pour water into snow, it usually creates a hole at the point where the water hits the snow. In order to avoid unsightly deformations in the snow bar, the nozzle with fog function is necessary.

If you have fogged up the snow bar vigorously with ice-cold water, you only have to be patient once again. When the water is frozen, you have a massive and stable snow art work in the garden that will delight guests of every winter garden party. Here are some tips for a garden party in winter.

By the way:
You must make sure that the bar has no major bumps, otherwise threatened in the evening some bar accident. You can prevent this by pulling the finished bar completely straight with a scraper. But you can also do without the wells for glasses and bottles and put a board on the bar.

And here are the steps once in the short summary:

  1. Lightly moisten the walls of the mortar tubs with water.
  2. Put snow in the mortar tubs.
  3. For powdery snow always add water.
  4. Tighten the snow in the bucket.
  5. Pour the snow again with water.
  6. Turn over the bucket and position the snow stones.
  7. Cover joints with fresh snow.
  8. Build the bar to a height of about 1.10 m.
  9. In front of the bar put another row of snow-brick as a guest's table.
  10. Create with bottles or cups depressions in the snow of the guest tables.
  11. Spray the whole construction with water.
  12. When everything is frozen with an ice scraper remove any recent bumps.

Tips for decorating a snow bar

❍ lanterns:

Lanterns produce a romantic candlelight and are in combination with a snow bar a real eye-catcher. It is important to make sure that the lantern itself does not heat up, otherwise the snow bar will soon melt at the spot.

❍ fairy lights:

Great winter feeling is also created if you attach fairy lights, preferably LED light tubes, to the bar or just lay them on the bar. These also have the advantage that they do not heat up and thus pose no threat to the frozen artwork.

❍ torches:

Installed at a sufficient distance at the corners and ends of the bar, torchlight can dip such a snow bar into a wonderfully romantic light. The glow, reflected in the ice of the snow bar, makes such an evening an unforgettable experience.

❍ LED candles:

Another way to decorate such a snow bar are LED candles. Whether LED tealights or real candles - these are best when you want to make a small depression in the bar at the places where the candles are supposed to stand and then let the candles freeze in the bar - then the candles seem like they are she was admitted to the bar. Especially such candles with color change create a very special mood. Here are a few examples of garden lighting without electricity.


A snow bar is definitely an absolute highlight at every winter garden party. How exactly you want to design your bar in terms of optics is ultimately up to you. However, it is important that you make the construction with snow tiles. Just pile up snow and tap it hard, it will never reach the hardness you need to meet the demands of a bar at a party night. Such a construct would not be stable and would quickly melt away. But if you bring the necessary time and the desire to work with the snow, can conjure up a great snow bar within a few hours. Your guests will be amazed.

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