Buy Snow Shovel - Pay attention to these buying tips

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If you need to buy a new snow shovel, you should not take the first one. When buying, pay much more attention to our tips.

Do not buy the first snow shovel

Already from late autumn already snowfall is expected every year in our latitudes. And from this time on, the garden owner will need a functioning snow shovel to free garden paths and court entrances from the white splendor.

The purchase of a suitable snow shovel facilitates the quite heavy work considerably! One reason why we would like to introduce you here to important features that you should pay attention to when buying a snow shovel.

Buy Snow Shovel - Pay attention to these buying tips

Tip 1 - Material Selection:

First and foremost, of course, the choice of material that today extends over plastic, aluminum, other metals and wood as well as various material combinations is decisive. The numerous plastic snow shovels are among the absolute lightweights. They are therefore ideal for older people and women.

The decisive factor is the material selection

So-called cheap plastic models, you should always check for stability before buying, so they do not break too fast in wet, heavy snow. Because a double purchase would quickly ruin the low price.

Furthermore, snow shovels made of aluminum are now just as robust as metal versions and wood finishes. In the care, however, much easier to handle and compared to road salt as extremely durable classify. Only small scattered stones can make aluminum buckets difficult, because they often scratch the surfaces heavily.

Tip 2 - Bucket width:

The most common blade widths are between 40 and 60 centimeters. However, you should always adapt them to the local conditions, e. the sidewalk widths in the garden or on the sidewalks in front of the house. Within these widths, the snow shovels are then relatively easy to move, even if you load them with heavy snow.

The most common blade widths are between 40 and 60 centimeters

In addition, you should pay attention to the shovel on a slightly raised side guide, so that the snow does not slide back from the blade when pushing.

Tip 3 - Handle selection:

In addition to the straight-shank snow shovels, models with ergonomic handles are also available today. So-called Y-handles and D-handles make the handling of a snow shovel even easier. Especially when snow not only shuffled loose, but also needs to be piled up due to lack of space.

So-called Y-handles and D-handles facilitate handling

In the trade, snow shovels are now increasingly being offered with easily interchangeable handles or stems. So you can easily change the handles during the entire winter season, depending on the weather.

Tip 4 - Slide rails and rubber lip:

Furthermore, when buying a snow shovel you should also take a look at the corresponding slide rails that support the clearing process. Because the slide rails should work on paved surfaces as well as on a layer of ice and / or snow.

Pay attention to slide rails and rubber lip

On top of that, many snow blades are provided with a rubber lip at the blade end to protect the base material again. This rubber lip should then be made of high quality plastic, to withstand the effects of winter weather (strong temperature fluctuations) and contact with road salt well and not to be equally porous.

Tip 5 - buy a snow witch instead of a snow shovel:

If you own a spacious plot or live in southern Germany or in the Ore Mountains, a snow witch is probably better suited than a normal snow shovel. By this the expert understands an extremely spacious snow shovel or snow trough, which is provided for reasons of stability on the rear side with a complete roll bar. With such a snow witch, especially large amounts of snow can be pushed aside very quickly.

A snow witch has a complete roll bar

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