That's how frost vices get on the glue

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Experience has shown that especially cherry starch is infested. Except for peach trees but virtually all fruit and ornamental shrubs are at risk, including apple, pear, oak, maple and linden. Already from the sprouting of the leaves in spring, the buds are the first to find gray snakes. Unmistakable is the "cat hump" they do when crawling. Even young fruits are eaten.

winter moth females

Frostspanner females lay red eggs in bark crevices on the trunk and in the treetop. The green caterpillars of frostbite eat on leaves and buds

To prevent damage in the next year, you should now, in early October, attach to tree trunks and support posts caterpillar glue rings. The flightless females, who slip out of their cocoon in the soil on warm autumn days, creep up the trunk and deposit up to 300 dark red eggs in the bark crevices and crown. From these hatch in the spring, the voracious, up to 2.5 cm long caterpillars. If you want to be sure, put two glue rings on top of each other. The glue rings should remain on the trunks and piles until the end of March and should be regularly checked for sufficient stickiness. Remove attached leaves so they do not serve as bridges.


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