This is how your ride-on mower becomes a multifunction device

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A riding mower saves a lot of time and physical effort. But did you know that thanks to accessories your mower can do much more than just mowing the lawn?

Lawn tractor accessories

Home and associated land with a lot of green - who can call his own, is really a lucky guy. Without question, the recreational factor is priceless, but that such a plot but also does a lot of work, is often overlooked in the envious glances.

One of the most time-consuming jobs in the garden or on the property is lawn mowing. Anyone who has more than 500 square meters to mow knows what I'm talking about. With a hand lawn mower, no matter whether electric or petrol engine, goes well and gladly the whole Saturday on it. In order to save this stress, sooner or later the desire for a ride-on mower or lawn tractor arrives. Understandably, this wish is always, but also a bit expensive.

Riding mower or lawn tractor buy with brains

Lawn tractor:
The engine is located in front of the seat under the bonnet

Riding mower:
Engine is under the seat

The season is over, why do I still come around the corner with this theme? Quite simply because from late autumn is the best time to look around for a riding mower. Retailers do not want to take their goods into the next year and therefore start several discount campaigns, both on site and on the Internet, for example at the ebay WOW promotions. Those who research and strike from October to February at the latest can make some bargains.

I agree with you if you still have doubts despite the lower prices. The purchase of a mower tears a significant hole in the household budget. Nevertheless, I would always choose this again, because the saved workload is enormous. Insider tip: at Smava until the end of October, the 1000-euro personal loan with effective 0.00% interest. The financing is therefore quite feasible and above all, a riding mower can do much more than just mowing the lawn! When you upgrade your mower to a multifunction device, you have an effective year-round benefit.

Use a riding mower to clear snow

Ride-on mower Snow plow shield

Let's start right with my favorite accessories. While I swept the sidewalk in front of our property with snow shovel and broom, my neighbor pulled his tracks with his riding mower and snow shovel. I gasped, he grinned! ? Fun aside, since last winter, I am also the proud owner of a Schneeschiebeschildes!

Snow dozer blade

When buying, make sure that the snow plow can be operated from the driver's seat (up, down, side). This facilitates sliding on uneven surfaces. Similarly, a rubber lip should be attached to the front part, which protects the paving stones.

Road salt-trailer

As a landowner you are obliged to clear the way in front of your house. This does not just mean snow plowing, but also ensuring that no ice is formed. With the spreader simply attached to the ride-on mower, you can do it in no time.


The snowblower is probably a little men's toy. The purchase as an accessory for the Aufsitzmäher but worth it only if you live in a snowy Gebgeb, where the white splendor is ever meters high. For all other cases, the Schneeschiebeschild is sufficient.

Ride-on mower as a garden helper

Lawn mowing remains the main task of the ride-on mower. For larger areas and with the appropriate extension, the mower can also take over so many physically heavy gardening.


We still have to dig by hand, but the purchase of a tiller is more and more topic. You have the choice between a separate device or the lawnmower accessory tiller. Keep in mind, however, that your garden area must be large enough to make the purchase worthwhile and the tractor / mower can turn around without a problem. Be advised, not every tiller fits your device.

Ride-on mower with mulching function

Here are the garden lovers - mulching function yes or no? In any case, you will save a single step if your ride-on mower is equipped with this function. The clippings are not "thrown" as usual in the catcher but remains finely chopped lying on the grass.

Scarifier for attaching

I am 100 percent behind this accessory. Simply attach to the ride-on mower or lawn tractor and pull its tracks. The pointed tines or star-shaped leaves (depending on the model) rid the lawn of moss, ventilate it and promote healthier growth. You also need less time than with a hand scarifier. When is the right time to scarify, explains the guide on

Sweeping function for the riding mower

And last but not least an accessory that helps you to keep the property clean. However, I would recommend the sweeper, which is available as a front attachment to your ride-on mower, only for large, paved surfaces. For small driveways, sidewalks or sitting areas, the price does not pay. Since it makes more sense to take the good old street broom in the hand.

I am aware that you do not need any accessories. Whether and what comes to your ride-on mower is always determined by your personal needs. As a rule of thumb, if certain jobs are performed very rarely, it is better to continue doing them by hand.

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