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Renewing a neglected lawn, many hobby gardeners imagine as lengthy and extremely sweaty work. The good news is: The spade can stay in the tool shed, because the renewal of a lawn is also without digging.
To prepare the renovation, you should first mow your old lawn to normal half length, so about 3.5 to 4 inches high, and then provide with a lawn fertilizer. If it's warm and humid enough, the green carpet will be fully in the bucket two weeks later and you can start renewing your green carpet.

First mow the old lawn deeply

First, cut the turf as short as possible: set your lawnmower to the lowest level. If you only own a small electric mower, you should borrow a powerful petrol lawn mower - the performance requirements are significantly higher than with normal lawn mowing.

For renewal, the short-cut lawn must now be scarred: unlike conventional scarifying, set the unit so low that the rotating knives cut the floor a few millimeters deep. Once you have scarred the old lawn in longitudinal tracks, drive it once again across the original direction of travel - so moss and weeds are optimally removed. If, after the first scarification, even larger weed nests are present in the lawn, it is advisable to repeat this step one or two more times. Afterwards, everything that the scarifier has scraped out of the turf is thoroughly removed from the lawn.

Scarify the lawn

Lawn after scarifying

The scarifier (left) removes moss, turf felt and also decimates the weeds when the blades can penetrate a few millimeters into the ground (right)

Slight bumps in the lawn can be corrected after scarifying by applying a thin layer of sandy topsoil. The layer should not be higher than ten inches.

Sow with the spreader

Now bring out a special seed mixture for lawn renovation. Those who are unfit in manual sowing should use a spreader, as it is especially important when renovating a lawn that the seed is evenly and completely distributed over the whole area. After sowing, a special start lawn fertilizer will be spread on the surface. It has a high phosphorus content and the nitrogen is bound in part in a fast-acting urea compound

Lawn fertilize spreaders

It's best to seed and fertilize with a spreader

To prevent the seeds from drying out, cover them with a thin layer of humus. You can use conventional plant or potting soil for this. It is spread with a shovel on the surface and best distributed evenly with a broom, so that the top layer is about five millimeters thick everywhere.

Finally, water the lawn thoroughly

In the last step, the renovated lawn is thoroughly watered with a sprinkler, so that the grass seeds get a good soil connection and germinate quickly. If you own a turf roller, you may be able to compact the surface slightly earlier, but this is not absolutely necessary when renewing a turf using the method presented here. Important: Make sure that the lawn never dries out in the coming weeks. Once the potting soil turns light brown on the surface, you need to water again. If the weather is favorable, your lawn will look like new again after only two months.

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