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Tomatoes, like peppers and eggplants in the leaf axils, form lateral shoots, which in the gardener's jargon are referred to as "Geiztriebe". Because they develop later than the main shoot, producing more leaf mass and fewer flowers, they also bear smaller fruit - they "pummel" with their yields. For the gardener, this means that he should regularly eat his tomatoes, so break out the young Geiztriebe. If you refrain from this important care measure, the side shoots are getting longer and longer and hang under the weight of the fruits usually strong, if you do not support them extra. In addition, they often shade other tomatoes with their leaves, so they do not grow well due to lack of light.

Break down Geiztriebe as early as possible while they are still very soft. The longer you wait, the greater the risk that the bark of the main drive will be damaged when the axillary drive is erupted. If you have missed the optimum time, it is best to cut the shoots with a sharp knife directly on the main drive.

Eat tomatoes

When picking, the side shoot is broken out of the leaf ax

Offspring important only in rod-tomatoes

Vomiting is required only in the eintriebig pulled tomato plants, the so-called rod-tomatoes. Bush or balcony tomatoes can be grown multiply, therefore, these varieties are at best sporadically ausgeizt. They also produce good quality fruit on the side shoots, and they are naturally smaller-fruited. On the other hand, the education of the stem tomatoes is similar to that of the pillars of apples - even with them, all stronger lateral shoots are cut off behind the so-called astring at the stem.
Another reason for picking tomatoes is to maximize land use in the greenhouse. If you do not allow lateral shoots, stem tomatoes come out with very little footprint and can be planted accordingly dense. In this way one obtains a higher and qualitatively better fruit yield, as one would educate the plants on larger stand space with side shoots.

Harvest tomatoes in the greenhouse

If you regularly grow your tomatoes, you have more space in the greenhouse for more tomato plants

Wine, too, is the act of mincing

From the leaf axils of the new shoots of grapevines form during the season also Geiztriebe, which were previously consistently removed as in the tomato. In the meantime, however, they are left as their assimilates are largely shifted to the main shoot, where they benefit the grapes. One removes only the drive sections, which shade the grapes with their leaves and thus delay their maturation.

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