So build and plant a patio pond yourself

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water plants

Perennial pondweed - greenish flowering from June to August, from 50 cm water depth
  • Large mermaid - inconspicuous underwater flowers, from 30 cm water depth
  • Canadian Waterweed - white flowers from June to August, 50 to 120 cm water depth, forms strong foothills
  • Water feather - white to light pink flowers from May to July, 30 to 60 cm water depth
  • Rough hornwort - inconspicuous flowers in the leaf axils, 50 to 120 cm deep, freeriding
  • Floating plants shading the water surface
    • Water hyacinth - violet-blue flowers with a lot of white from July to October, height 10 to 20 cm, width 20 cm
    • Waterfall - flowering July to September, height - lying flat on the water, width 40 to 50 cm
    • Common frog bite - white flowers from June to August, lying flat on the water, flower to 10 cm, width to 80 cm and more by foothills
    • Sea pot - small yellow flowers, up to 5 cm high from June to August, leaves lying flat on the water, can cover large areas
    Water Lilies
    • Yellow pond rose
    • Numerous water lilies, depending on the pelvic depth
    • Asian dwarf lake
    It is beneficial to put the plants that are on the ground in plant baskets. So they have hold, can not multiply uncontrollably and are easy to remove. Teiche should be avoided, because it contains too many nutrients for small patio ponds, which in turn promote algal blooms. To increase the supply of oxygen, a pond pump can be used. Even a water fountain is doing well, but care must be taken that no water splashes over the edge of the patio pond out. As a special highlight, the pond can also be illuminated. Pond lamps are available in different shapes and colors. Anyone who has forgotten to install the lighting can also make a lot of things afterwards. There are even floating lights in the meantime.
    Terrace ponds can be built and planted with little to much effort. If you are looking for a simple solution, you can simply take a suitable container as a mini pond and plant it. Properly installed ponds are a bit more expensive. Anyone who has an entire water landscape on and around the terrace in mind, should be well advised by professionals. Today is much possible, hardly a wish is not feasible. Everything is a matter of price. Those who do not want to spend a lot of money will surely find a solution. For hobbyists there are many possibilities. Finished pools are certainly the easiest. But formal pelvis can also look great, it does not always have to be a complicated and expensive option. Less is sometimes more. This is often the case with patio ponds.

    Video Board: How To Create a DIY Patio Pond - All-In-One Design.

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