How to fertilize your rhododendron

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In many gardens, the rhododendron impresses in the spring with its exuberant flowers. The evergreen wood of the family of the heather plants is in contrast to many other species from this family no Kostverächter - on the contrary: So that the plant attaches abundant flower buds, you have to fertilize them regularly.

Rhododendron breeder Holger Hachmann from the nursery of the same name recommends fertilizing newly seeded rhododendrons in March or April. When planting in autumn, which is advised against in cold regions due to the threat of winter damage, is also fertilized only in the spring. The right dose for 30 to 60 centimeters high plants are 40 to 60 grams per square meter of a long-term fertilizer such as Floranid permanent or a special fertilizer such as Osmocote rhododendron fertilizer. In addition, you should mix around 30 grams of horn shavings per square meter.

Fertilize rhododendron with coffee grounds

As an excellent organic fertilizer for rhododendron coffee grounds has proven itself. It contains - albeit in small quantities - all important nutrients, also has a slightly acidic action and enriches the soil with humus. Both are very suitable for the lime-sensitive and humus-loving rhododendron. Because of the low, organically bound nutrient concentration, you can also apply coffee grounds in addition to other fertilizers, without having to reduce them quantitatively. Highly recommended is also a mixture of coffee grounds and horn meal. Like all organic fertilizers, work the coffee residues flat into the ground after spreading so that they decompose as quickly as possible.

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