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The optimal period to plant prairie lilies (Camassia) is from late summer to fall. The prairie lily is actually native to North America and belongs to the hyacinth family. Due to its upright habit, it is ideal for perennial flowerbeds. Their flowering is in early May, usually in a delicate blue-violet or white. The Camassia needs a little more water than tulips, but is otherwise very easy to care for.

Step by step: plant prairie lily

The location for the prairie lily should be half shady to sunny and provide a nutrient rich, slightly moist soil. First, loosen the earth. If necessary, work in a bit of mature compost and use the hand scoop to dig around 15 centimeter deep planting holes. As drainage, put some sand in the hole.

Select location

Put onions in the planting hole

Lift a planting hole and work some sand (left). Put the onion in the planting hole and refill it (right)

At intervals of 20 to 30 centimeters, you can plant more prairie lilies. First place the bulbs on the ground to determine the space required. Put the first onion in the planting hole and fill it with garden soil. For very permeable substrates, mix some bentonite. Press the soil above the planting site carefully so that the onion gets in good contact with the ground and first forms roots before winter.

Press earth

Mark the place

The earth is pressed (left) and the onion finally marked with a wooden stick (right)

For an optimal long-distance effect of the approximately 80 to 100 centimeters tall plants it is advisable to plant prairie lilies in small groups, here there are five pieces. With a wooden stick mark the respective planting place. Insert the other onions and pour thoroughly. Since prairie lilies occur in their natural habitat on rather wet meadows, watering remains important. In rough conditions, you should cover the planting in the first winter with leaves and brushwood.

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