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Whether strictly maintained discounts or romantic cottage gardens: The English have always been great role models in garden design. We show you two ways to bring home British garden flair.

Idea 1: Romantic garden corner in cottage style

Along the way, dense mats of light purple upholstery phlox 'Lilac Cloud' and gray upholstered thyme grow alternately. Together with the yew hedge in the background they form the framework for a romantic planting in pink violet.

Cottage-style seating area

A romantic sitting area fits well with the cottage style

The columnar cypress junipers 'Blue Arrow' are an eye-catcher in the bed all year round with their intense steel blue needles. From June to October, the delicate mother-of-pearl pink climbing rose 'New Dawn' sets accents with its lush floral splendor on the pavilion and rose arch. At the same time, the densely populated variety 'Charles de Mills' in carmine red blossoms in the flower beds in June / July. Even from afar, the lilac-pink to red blooms of the large-leaf phlox 'Winnetou' and spread a pleasant scent. Slightly lower is the tall perennial phlox 'Elizabeth Arden' with delicate pink flower balls. This easy-care strain quickly grows into a vigorous eyrie.
The white of the pavilion and rose arch is repeated in the plantation in the delicate flowers of the magnificent candle. This perennial flower brings with its graceful Blütenrispen as ease in the planting as the silver-eargrass. The steppe sage 'Ostfriesland' is responsible for purple-blue splashes of color. If one cuts its ears back after flowering, the plant starts a new pile again in late autumn.

Blue eye-catcher for stone and heath gardens

Cypress juniper 'Blue Arrow'

Cypress juniper 'Blue Arrow'

The Blue Cypress Juniper 'Blue Arrow', also called Rocket Juniper, is a columnar tree with intense bluish colored needles. It grows extremely narrow with a width of only 60 centimeters and is therefore very well suited for small garden situations and tubs. Unlike many other Juniper species, it is very resistant to pear grid rust.

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