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Soapwort fits in perennial beds and rockeries. Planted together with lavender, thimble, monkshood or golden melissa results in a beautiful floral ensemble. The easy-care wild shrub emanates in the evening a sweetish-flowery scent that has a hint of clove. Soapwort can also be used as a container plant on the balcony and terrace.
But beware: The ordinary soapwort is modest, but also very propagation-happy. It conquers over its roots and self-sowing quickly larger beds and can displace other plants in the bed. Even the smallest root pieces can grow a new plant

winter protection

The common soapwort is perennial and is considered to be hardy to temperatures of -20 degrees to -30 degrees. Winter protection is not necessary in our latitudes.

care Tips

The care effort is very low in ordinary soapwort. It needs a sunny spot for healthy growth. The garden soil should be loose, moist and slightly calcareous. A sandy to sandy-loamy soil is ideal. Heavy soils can be loosened up with sand or fine expanded clay. Soil herb dryness is used in the field, so it only needs to be watered in very long dry periods. In the pot, however, the flowering perennial relies on regular watering.
Cut back the bloom immediately after flowering to prevent self-sowing. In spring and summer soapwort should be fertilized a little. In over-fertilization, the soapwort is weak and forms increasingly foothills.


The ordinary soapwort is very regenerating. It can be propagated by sowing, rhizom cuttings or by division. For this purpose, an older rootstock is dug up and split in late autumn or early spring. The individual cuts are then planted back into the soil.

Diseases and pests

The ordinary soapwort is not susceptible to disease. In order to protect the soapwort from fungal diseases, a regular pruning is recommended to stimulate the new shoot. Fungal diseases of the leaves may occur sporadically. In this case, the affected areas should be removed immediately.

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