Soap dish

The Content Of The Article: Do you know that too? Where to go with the soap while bathing or showering? The solution is a soap dish.
After lathering, simply place the damp and still slippery soap on the shelf to dry. The soap no longer just disappears into the tub or falls to the floor, so you have to bend over awkward to get hold of them with wet hands again, but it is readily available when needed.
What material your soap tray should be, is up to your taste and your wallet. There is almost nothing that does not exist. Whether stainless steel, chrome or plastic: Everything is possible.
Pure nature e.g. is a
Possibility: The soap trays in elegant design give every bathroom a Scandinavian flair. The round, pre-oiled wooden sticks are held together with stainless steel ropes and do not lose their shape even after long use.
Or is the simplicity of the installation particularly important to you? Then you will certainly tend to the principle of sticking. You can drill without annoying holes and without screws. To do this, simply attach the supplied transparency to the thoroughly cleaned surface, attach the suction cup, and turn clockwise. Exactly where you want to have your soap tray: The system adheres perfectly to all smooth surfaces such as glass, mirrors, wood,
Plastic or tiles.
by AnnettBiermann

Video Board: Soapdish performs.

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