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Gardeners are not only in the fresh air, but often in the office. For both areas there is helpful software that can simplify work processes and even impart knowledge.

Software for nurseries

GΓ€rtner is a versatile profession with many responsibilities. In gardening and landscaping are creative people, but also people who can grab. When creating private gardens, beautifying large parks, renovating a sports field or building a children's playground - landscape gardeners are everywhere. Because the tasks are so diverse, they need extensive expertise. They have to perform technically demanding tasks, such as paving, renaturing a stream or attaching a slope, and they must also have extensive expertise. As a gardener, you need plant knowledge, knowledge about plant diseases and the care of trees, shrubs and flowerbeds. However, many horticultural companies not only take over the creative tasks, but also advise the customers accordingly during the planning and later during the maintenance of the garden.

Landscaper leaves their green tracks

Landscape gardeners have outdoor activities almost all year round. They build swimming ponds, create facades and green roofs, work as arborists or clear the paths of snow in winter. The perspectives in this profession are therefore manifold. As an independent gardener, of course, many other tasks are to be mastered. These include marketing and accounting. For the boring and for many creative minds rather difficult part there is support in this area. Gardening Lexoffice is an accounting software specifically designed to meet the needs of a nursery. This allows you to write invoices, make payments, manage receipts and keep the finances in view. The fact that the software is web-based makes work a lot easier. So you can also access the bookkeeping at any time, manage your customer contacts or pay supplier invoices.

Software that facilitates administration

❍ PC gardener:

The PC gardener is a software especially developed for vegetable farms. It supports modular cultivation planning and marketing, both to resellers and direct marketing.

❍ Shovel online:

Shovel online is an assistant for your nursery. The software facilitates work in the office and outside. The smartphone app supports the processing of orders through special lists. Invoice and reminder, accounting and other automated processes support and facilitate the work. Also integrated is a tool for documenting working hours and project progress.

❍ Rita Bosse Software:

The Rita Bosse software maps working processes in perennial nurseries and tree nurseries. It supports the work in gardening and landscaping or in garden centers. In addition to inventory, sales, purchasing, label printing and sales statistics, a POS system can be connected.

❍ Lexware billing and order plus:

Lexware Faktura and Auftrag plus have established themselves for order processing. This software helps you to prepare offers, invoices, delivery notes or credits.

Further tasks: Fertilizing ornamental and useful plants


Fertilizers are important for the plants and provide them with enough nutrients. They actually occur everywhere in the nursery, because fertilizer is available for the ornamental garden, for potted plants, for the green area or for the kitchen garden. Thus, the plants thrive all well, so an extensive knowledge of this topic is required. Fertilizers have been around for millennia, but the knowledge is sometimes very ancient. In field vegetables, e.g. the soil and the weather the nutrient requirements of the plants very strong. You can create nutrient balances for all major types of vegetables using the N-Expert Nutrition Expertise and Nutrient Balancing in Grassroots Vegetables. Thus, there are no additional costs due to over-fertilization or loss of income because too little fertilizer was used. Plant and environmental protection are also important topics for the Zentralverband Gartenbau e.V.

Diseases and pests - sometimes they are a problem

Plant diseases and pests are not just a nuisance to hobby gardeners. In the professional gardening business they can do a lot of damage, especially financial ones. Therefore, it is very important for gardeners that they know exactly in their farm, which pests can occur on their plants or look like the symptoms of various plant diseases. But that does not solve the problems yet.This requires a comprehensive knowledge of pest control methods and plant disease prevention.

❍ Software "Diseases and pests on perennials":

The software "diseases and pests on perennials" helps perennial gardeners to recognize and combat causes and damage. It can not only be helpful to professional gardeners, but also support hobby gardeners in their perennial garden.

❍ Perennials Ordering App:

For horticultural businesses, there is the Stauden order app yet another tool that can facilitate the work. The richly illustrated app you can easily search for varieties. Apart from the first installation, updating the inflatables and ordering, the app also works offline. Thus, themed plants, such as flower box plants, rose companion or easy-care perennials, can be put together.

❍ Arbofux:

For working with deciduous and coniferous trees - no fruit trees - there is the software Arbofux, which can teach you everything about diseases and pests on these trees.

Garden planning - the professionals just know more


Hobby gardeners want nothing more than a green living room where they can forget their everyday worries. Many people reject professional support. Garden planning by a landscape architect can save time, money and nerves. Experienced hobby gardeners are far from having the expertise you have. They can advise customers on soil quality and know exactly which plants are best for which soil. If you are not familiar with it, you will soon wonder why the plants are coming. If you design the garden as a professional, your customer can look forward to the seas of flowers from the first season on.

Many gardening and landscape architects use CAD software, as recommended by the State College of Agricultural Economics. This is especially a plus point if the project "new garden construction" has been lying fallow for a long time. Depending on the scope of the contract, the professional takes on all the tasks until finally only regular care is required. Even here, the professional can come up with many tips and make the garden so that the maintenance effort keeps low. Professional garden designers know many more ways to create a green living room. They also have a large portfolio of successful examples that can serve as inspiration.

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