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Boxwood soil is not only for the well-formed Buchs trees, the bonsai plants react quite relaxed on the boxwood earth. The special composition makes it practically possible that the plants are supplied with many important nutrients, all of which are necessary for a rich green of the plants.
The boxwood earth is a particularly permeable and loose soil, which is not difficult at the roots. Who packs the tree or the plant in boxwood soil, will soon realize that the potted plant well grows well. If then a little bit of boxwood fertilizer is given, then everyone will be surprised, why the plant shoots so suddenly and really shines in a rich green.
So if you decide to plant the plants - or especially the boxwood - in their very special soil, you will see a clear improvement in plant growth and color within a few weeks, usually within the first six weeks. This is because in most boxwood offerings a fertilizer is incorporated for at least six weeks, which helps the plants to get used to the new soil faster and easier.
This special soil is suitable for almost all evergreen plants. Whether it is boxwood or whether a life tree is to be planted. Only for orchids is the boxwood earth not so well suited.
The boxwood soil prevents especially in hedge plants and box trees but also in other evergreen garden or container plants that rot there may form. Due to the loose nature of the soil, the plant is sufficiently supplied with enough water and oxygen. This is the secret formula of every boxwood earth. It gives the plants sufficient, without clumping and hard to lie on the root ends.
Furthermore, this earth contains enough oxygen and ensures a pH of between 5.5 and 6.5. So who - no matter which company - buys a boxwood earth, will certainly always have a well-nourished plant at home in the garden or in the bucket on the terrace or balcony.
And who knows, maybe one or the other will soon become a small box-tree breeder, because it is the tree-trees that can be obtained in many different forms. Whether heart shape for Mother's Day or just in a beautiful round spherical shape, the boxwood is always gladly taken.

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