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Candlelight in the garden house is romantic, but sometimes it is convenient if you only have to press for light on the switch. Somewhat secluded garden sheds and arbours, to which one can not lay a cable, can be supplied with power via solar module. These solar systems are self-sufficient as an isolated solution and not connected to the regular power grid. In the trade complete sets are offered, which one can build well even as a layman well.

This is how the solar system works on the garden shed

The principle: The solar energy is collected in the module and stored in a battery. The size of module and battery determines the performance. Interposed is a charge controller, which protects the battery from overload and deep discharge. The systems usually work with 12 or 24 volts. So you can operate well LED lighting, fountain pump or battery chargers. In the camping equipment you also get small refrigerators and TVs on 12 volt basis.

Compressor from Einhell

Air mattresses and inflatable pools you get pumped without a compressor only laboriously. The Pressito from Einhell delivers pressure up to 11 bar - the electricity is supplied by a solar system or a rechargeable battery

With an inverter, the voltage can be increased to 230 volts. So you can connect 230 V devices that do not need much energy, such as a grass trimmer - a lawn mower, however, would quickly empty the battery. Anything that generates heat, such as a stove or a cooker, runs better with gas anyway, the power consumption would be too high.


The complete set supplies 12 volt devices and lights. It consists of a solar module with 50 watts of power, a waterproof battery with 80 ampere hours (Ah) and a charge controller, which is connected between the module and the battery. Also included are a 10m module cable and battery cables

When planning, you should first consider what to operate, and depending on the size of the solar system plan - keep in mind that the solar radiation is weaker in winter and the system then brings less power. Let us advise you on your purchase. As demand increases, you can also retrofit additional solar modules onto the roof, but the components must be coordinated with each other. In some allotments there are regulations for solar modules. Ask your club if modules are allowed on the roof and if there are restrictions.

Video Board: Building a Solar Powered Workshop.

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