Solar systems hot water & heating

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Solar systems hot water & heating

The fact that electricity can be produced with solar systems on the roof is well known and is also used very successfully in many places. However, that you can also operate with solar systems hot water & heating is not very widespread.
At the same time, you can save money with this energy and make a valuable contribution to environmental protection.
The goal of a solar system
for hot water and heating is not only to heat the service water, but also the heating energy requirements, primarily in the transitional season.
This is called partial solar heating in specialist circles, whereby only highly efficient vacuum tube collectors should be used. In addition, the solar collectors for the heating should be far more areal than if only hot water with solar energy to be heated.
This is due to the fact that only by large-scale collectors can really be stored the heating energy, which is needed in the transitional period. The solar storage tank should be dimensioned slightly larger, so that it can absorb enough energy.
Consultation by the specialist
So you quickly realize that the use of a solar system
for hot water and heating is more extensive than if you only secure your personal electricity needs by solar systems.
Therefore, it is very important to deal with this issue in advance and to be advised accordingly by a specialist. In addition to the attachment of the solar panels on the roof are many
to install additional technical equipment. Their installation usually goes far beyond the knowledge of a home improvement. To be on the safe side, as many of these jobs as possible should only be done by a specialist company.
The financing of solar systems
for hot water and heating

Also, the acquisition costs are not to be underestimated. With around 20,000 euros must be expected in any case. Hardly a household can handle such a sum just incidentally.
It is therefore important to seek advice on financing through loans. Above all, the possibilities of state funding should be explored here. There are many cheap loans for the use of renewable energy and subsidies from the countries.

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