Sowing time for autumn vegetables

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Vegetable growers now have their hands full. The harvest of lettuce, carrots and runner beans is in full swing, so it is time to provide supplies! Peas and new potatoes are now clearing the bed, leaving a deeply loosened, nutrient-rich soil - ideal for sowing fine autumn vegetables.

Sow cabbage

The best time to sow Chinese cabbage is between the middle and the end of July. If you only need a few heads or you do not have enough space for your own preculture, buy the young seedlings from the gardener. A still relatively new variant of the Far Eastern kale species is Pak Choi. 'Tatso' can be sown directly into the bed by the end of August and harvested from the end of September. The leaves are in a dense, compact rosette. You cut the whole heads or pick only individual leaves as needed. There are also some new things to tell about the traditional kale: gourmets draw varieties like 'Starbor' as babyleaf vegetables. To do this, you sow more densely, at intervals of about 20 centimeters, and enjoy the young leaves in the salad or steamed for a short time. Tip: Thin out the plants at harvest time and harvest one part as normal kale in winter.

Babyleaf and baby beds

You can also cultivate chopped chard as a babyleaf salad or, as usual, as a leafy vegetable. Outstanding in taste is the variety 'Fantasy' with fire-red, delicate and thin stems. Sow in rows with a distance of 30 centimeters and warp the young plantlets to a distance of 7 to 15 centimeters, depending on the intended use. Beet sown in late July or early August only ripen in mild climates. In less favorable locations, latecomers sow varieties such as 'red ball' slightly denser and harvest the aromatic beets when they are just table tennis balls.


If you plant it in August, you will still be able to harvest it with ease

Pull the tuber fennel

Vegetable fennel develops in the late summer particularly thick tubers. Early seedlings planted in the field by mid-August are ready for harvest after just eight weeks. In rougher locations you put the autumn vegetables in the cold frame and mulch the soil with a two to three centimeters thick layer of ripening compost. Take advantage of the limited space for an intermediate culture with radishes or Asian salad. Both vegetables grow so fast that they have long been harvested when the fennel tubers take their full capacity.

Salad from the seed foil

The cultivation of pickle salad is now even easier, because varieties such as 'Australian gels' are also available as a seed foil. The seed band is combined with a mulch foil. As with the seed band, the separation of the seedlings is eliminated, because the seeds are embedded on the paper tape at the correct distance. The film keeps the soil moist and suppresses weeds. And there is another trick: on warm days, sow all the salads in the evening and pour in cold tap water. Then the heat-sensitive seeds germinate guaranteed.


Spinach seeds germinate in the warm bed soil in no time

Herbal variety in pots

One-year-old culinary herbs are easy to grow in pots or shallow trays on the balcony or kitchen terrace. Leaf coriander is a must for Asian wok dishes, chervil is one of the "fines herbes" of French cuisine. Dill seasoning egg dishes, salad and fish, and if you like it a little more spicy, saute rocket. All herbs thrive in the light partial shade. Seed the spices until mid-September at intervals of two to four weeks in portions again and again. Cover the seeds only thinly with soil and keep them moist until they germinate.

 Asia Wok mix

Salads like the "Asia Wok Mix" bring together several spicy slices

Autumn vegetables: choose late varieties

Cut chard with golden or dark red stems is the attraction in the vegetable patch. Spinach for the autumn harvest or hibernation can be sown until the beginning of September. Choose mildewed varieties like 'Lazio'! Radishes such as the variety 'round half-red white' are ready for harvest four weeks after sowing. Endive 'Eminence' makes big heads with dark, crisp leaves. Tip: Sow in pots at the beginning of August if space is limited and plant later. Corn salad can be conveniently harvested in the raised bed. Augusts seeds are ready for harvest from mid-September. Sow the tuber fennel, for example 'Fino', directly into the bed in the middle of July or put early seedlings by mid-August. Spicy slices such as "Asia Spicy Green Mix" grow again when not cut too low and can be harvested two to three times. Beetroot also thrives in a partially shaded place. Tip: Harvest some of the tubers as "baby beds".

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