Sowing times for salad

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Salad sowing time

If you would like to harvest one or the other salad from your own garden in the fall, then why not? Sowing times for salad do not miss. Depending on which salad you want, the sowing times are usually end of July to beginning of September, the planting times mostly in August.

For a better overview, here is a short list:

Sow until the end of July: Pickles, radicchio and sugarloaf salads

Sow until early August: Lettuce, ice lettuce, endive salad

Sow until early September: Corn salad, Asia salads

Planting until the end of August: lettuce, pickle salad, radicchio, sugarloaf salad, ice lettuce

Planting until the beginning of September: Lamb's lettuce

You can harvest many of these salads then from mid to late September or from October. Most of the salads should then be harvested rather quickly, with the exception of endive salad, which can be harvested until frost and radicchio and lamb's lettuce, both of which do not bother with winter and can be harvested until spring. Always ensure adequate protection against snails and hares.

Video Board: How to grow & harvest salad leaves.

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