A soda stone for every garden

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A soda stone for every garden

If you want water in the garden, then many people put on a pond. Big or small, a water hole is a great thing. But not everyone has room for their own pond. Here you can make do with a soda stone. A beautiful idea that not only looks good, but finds space everywhere and still pleasantly ripples in front of you - soothing and a great eye-catcher.

That's how it works:

  1. Get a catch basin made of zinc or plastic and dig a hole at the point where the soda stone is to be placed later.
  2. Before you use the basin, you should fill in a layer of sand.
  3. Then the pelvis comes in. At the bottom you should place two or three concrete blocks for a safe hold of the pump.
  4. Place the fountain pump on the stones and fill the rest of the pool with gravel.
  5. At the top, a stone is placed, which should have a hole with a diameter of at least three inches. From below, the hose section of the pump is inserted.
  6. Now fill with water and you can start bubbling.

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