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All people, large and small, do not live by bread alone, potatoes must be, because they always taste fine on the great tuber the one or the other (praise) song was written, no wonder.
The inconspicuous vegetables are healthy, tasty and versatile, in short: it is impossible to imagine our diet without them.
Like potato and tomato, the potato belongs to the nightshade family and has in common with them the South American origin. The Spanish conquerors of the 16th century took a liking to the tuber plant and brought it to Europe. Here, however, the quite attractive exotic plant was initially considered an ornamental plant. But until the 17th century, the saturating and tasty properties of the high-yielding tuber had been valued in several European countries. In Germany, however, the people did with the novelty immensely difficult. By force and cunning finally succeeded Frederick the Great to enforce the cultivation in Prussia. At the end of the 18th century, for example, the potato began its triumphant advance in Germany. As a result, she received a variety of regional names such as pomegranate, ground pear, Härdeapfel or crooked berry.
Today, a variety of varieties in the trade. New potatoes can be harvested from the beginning of July, when the herb is still green. Late potatoes are ready for harvest from September, when the herb has died and the shells can no longer rub off with their fingers. In dry weather, the tubers are carefully dug out, shaken by the plant and left to dry before being stored. Incidentally, you can also grow potatoes without a garden: Build a box with boards or round timbers, mix good garden soil mixed with compost approx. 20 centimeters high, and plant seed potatoes from April. If the cabbage is 20 centimeters high, place more boards around the box and fill with soil. This is how more tubers form. Repeat stacking up to 50 centimeters high.

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Blue potatoes - growing, harvesting and using

If you have the space for a potato field, it is always worthwhile to grow the particularly tasty blue potato yourself. Although the preparation of the field requires some physical effort, you will be happy about the harvest throughout the winter.

Special: potatoes, potato guidebook: potatoes

Grow sweet potatoes in the balcony box and harvest

It is one of the most important foods worldwide and captivates with a charming flowering. The sweet potato is taking the hearts of hobby gardeners in the local regions by storm. Good to know that no separate garden is needed for cultivation. Find out how to grow and harvest sweet potatoes in the balcony box here.

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Red potatoes - varieties and information on cultivation

They cause a sensation both in the bed and on the plate. Red potatoes are feast for the eyes and delicacies at the same time. This also applies to varieties with red peel and yellow flesh as for completely red-colored breeds. Get to know the best varieties here, including well-founded information on cultivation.

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Seed potatoes: old varieties + instructions for planting and pulling yourself

Seed potatoes often land in the garden of many home gardeners, because the cultivation is simple and associated with relatively little effort. However, they also offer little variety. A look at old varieties - also from other countries - helps here.

Special: potatoes, potato guidebook: potatoes

Potato fertilizer: so fertilize potato plants properly

The successful cultivation of potatoes is closely linked to a balanced nutrient supply. Only with the handle to the ideal potato fertilizer at the right time and in the right dosage, a rich harvest in the best quality. This guide explains how to master this demanding aspect with flying colors. How to fertilize potato plants properly.

Special: potatoes, potato guidebook: potatoes

Are potatoes healthy? All information about calories, carbohydrates & co

As familiar as a visit to your favorite Granny, it feels as if a steaming pot of spicy boiled potatoes invites you to enjoy lunch. The reputation of healthy tubers has suffered greatly in recent years - mainly due to the high carbohydrate content. But how healthy is the potato really?

Special: potatoes, potato guidebook: potatoes

Potato pests - Overview of pests / vermin on potatoes

In addition to other crops, the potatoes are now also back in the garden of the hobby gardener. While some grow potatoes to make sure that they are really organic, others grow the tasty tubers to eat special varieties. Although the motives for potato cultivation in the home garden are different, a pest infestation can drastically reduce or destroy the well-deserved harvest.

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Sweet potato plants in winter: so overwinter cuttings

The sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) is native to Central and South America and is therefore used to tropical climates. In local regions, the white potato is usually cultivated as an annual plant, as it is very cold-sensitive and not hardy. Nevertheless, the cuttings of the Windengewächs can be overwintered and even multiply in the winter months.

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Potato harvest - when is the best time?

Any hobby gardener who has ever tasted buttery new potatoes with spicy parsley knows: The own cultivation of healthy tubers is worthwhile in any case. In terms of taste, the potatoes from the self-catering garden are clearly superior to the purchased vegetables. But to be able to conjure up a tasty dish from the popular starchy vegetables, the potatoes must be harvested at the right time.

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Potatoes: Are green spots dangerous? Peel or throw away?

The potato is one of the most popular foods of the Germans. 56.8 kilograms of potatoes were consumed per capita in Germany in 2015/16. For freshly prepared potatoes, the Germans still prefer the classic boiled potatoes, according to the statistics. Potatoes are available in countless varieties, and you can find more and more often next to the brown, purple potatoes in the supermarket. But what about potatoes that have green spots?

Special: potatoes, potato guidebook: potatoes

Harvest and store potatoes properly - in the fridge, apartment & basement

So that from the summer to the next spring delicious potatoes from their own cultivation are on the table, important criteria must be observed for harvesting and storage. This manual explains in a practical way when and how to correctly harvest potatoes and store them perfectly. The pros and cons of the refrigerator, apartment and cellar as a storage area are illuminated in detail.

Create a potato tower - instructions for building yourself

Grow potatoes

If you have little space, you can still pile up. This approach pays off not only for new buildings in big cities, but also in small gardens and on balconies. If you do not want to do without your own potatoes as a small owner, you simply create a potato tower. Below is a guide to build yourself.

Potato varieties in Germany - List of varieties

potato varieties

Around 300 million tonnes of potatoes are harvested worldwide every year. Thus, the potato, which belongs to the nightshade family, is one of the most important staple foods. Even here, the edible tuber is no longer indispensable to the diet. It is not only versatile and easy to use, but also has a good taste.

Planting potatoes - this is how it works in the garden and on the balcony

A heart for potatoes

Potatoes boast a colorful array of delicious varieties, which taste particularly good from their own cultivation. Discover here how to easily plant potatoes - that's how it works in the garden and on the balcony.

Store potatoes properly - Tips for Einkellern / Einlagern

A heart for potatoes

Great is the joy of a lush potato harvest or the cheap offer in the store. But where to go with the rich supply? Preserved improperly, the tubers quickly lose quality and spoil. How to store potatoes properly, you can find out here. Practical tips for Einkellern and storage there on top of that.

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