Cutting spice bark - timing and cutting technique

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Like so many plants, the spice bark has to be cut every now and then. This is not a big art and done quickly. You do not often have to start the secateurs.

Spice rinds are best cut in autumn

The spice bark, also called cassia, is a fast-growing plant that can best keep you in shape with a cut in spring or fall. You can not go wrong in general. However, you must not cut the spice bark too radically. The shoots may only be cut by a good third. In addition, you must regularly sprout young shoots, so that the plant branches out nicely.

Spice bark is best cut in autumn

Regular shortening so that the cassia does not get too high, ensures a nice growth. Since the spice bark is insensitive to cuts, you can not go wrong. A good time for the cut is in the fall, before the plant moves to winter quarters (reading tip: overwinter spice bark: so it creates it unscathed by the cold season). Then cut off about a third of the shoots.

By the way:
If you forget to cut your fuchsias in autumn, then you can catch up on the cut in spring.

Young shoots of spice bark dip

In the case of young plants, it is especially important to have a bath. This will reach a densely branched, lush shrub. If the measure fails, the cassia only grows up quickly and loses much of its radiance. Young shoots should therefore always cut back shortly after the shoot. At these points then quickly further shoots form. Go for feeling. Especially the look is crucial.

You do not have to do any more. Cutting a spice bark is a real breeze. You also do not have to worry about doing something wrong with it.

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