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Anyone who walks past a spice bark will quickly know why their name is. To keep her well, you need to repot her regularly. Only in this way does it flourish magnificently.

The spice bark smells very intense

The spice bark or cassia is a small shrub, tree or tall stem that impresses as a container plant with bright yellow flowers. The spicy, intense scent of the flowers gives the plant its name. However, regular repotting is important for growth and many flowers. Younger plants need a larger pot every one to two years, with older plants enough distances of three to four years.

Choose the right bucket size

Small, young spice rinds thrive best in a pot that is not too big. Around the root ball about two to three fingers width should be available. If the bucket is too big, no strong roots will form. Choose a bucket of clay or bright plastic. In black pots, the heat is often too high. The plant may suffer.

The best time for repotting

In spring, when the spice bark returns to a sunny spot, the ideal time to repot is. Whether the plant needs a larger pot, you can see from these signs: The roots already squeeze through the drainage hole on the bottom of the pot or are at least visible. On the surface of the earth sometimes also roots show up, which push outwards.

How to topple the spice bark properly

Gründ Pour the plant thoroughly one day before the action. Moist rootballs were much easier to remove from the old container. Caution is advised, if the roots grow out already below: please do not cut off these, but turn the plant carefully so that you can pull out as many roots as possible without damage.

Shake off the old earth as completely as possible. When repotting, you can also reduce the shoots by about a third at the same time. Then the spice bark branches nicely and blooms even more lush.

Geh In the new pot, which provides the root ball with enough space again, comes full-bodied bucket plant soil or a mixture of garden soil and compost. Insert the spice bark and lightly fill the gap with the ground up to the pot rim. Press everything gently and pour on.

❸ After repotting, place the spice bark in a sunny, sheltered place. Except for the sun, the plant needs mostly water. The root ball should never dry out. From April to October liquid fertilizer is announced, preferably every one to two weeks. Then you can count on many fragrant flowers.

Video Board: Repotting a tall Dendrobium orchid.

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