Planting and cultivating a spider flower - this is how it's done

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If you hear something about the spider flower for the first time, you may be a bit shy. But it is a very pretty flower.

The spider flower has an impressive flower splendor

The spider flower, which looks quite exotic at first glance, enchants every gardener with its impressive flower splendor, whose protruding stamens are reminiscent of thin spider legs. However, due to its sensitivity to cold, the plant originating from South America can only be cultivated in our gardens for one year.

Plant spider flower

The spider flower, which grows up to 120 centimeters tall, loves a wind-protected, full-suned location and is excellently suited as a background plant in a perennial plant bed. Where she always prefers a nutrient-rich soil.


Pre-enrich the soil with compost, making the spider flower easier to grow.

You must note that the spider flower may always be brought into the wild only after the icy saints, because they can not tolerate temperatures below -5 degrees. Furthermore, you should keep a planting distance of at least 30 centimeters to other shrubs.

From June to October the basically easy-to-care spider flower unfolds its wonderful blooms, whereby it is offered with white, red, pink and purple flowers in the well-assorted garden trade.


In the autumn, the spider flower produces enough seeds that you can collect and dry in order to bring them back to you again next spring (starting in February on the windowsill).

Maintain spider flower properly

" To water:

Since the spider-flower clearly prefers nutrient-rich soils, you also need to provide it with regular irrigation water during prolonged periods of drought.


Spider flowers should also be supplied in the field with a full liquid fertilizer approximately every 3 weeks.

┬╗Fight pests:

From time to time spider flowers are haunted by aphids, whereas first a powerful water shower helps. If this is not the case, you should fight the aphids as quickly as possible with appropriate insecticides, otherwise the flowers will suffer.

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