Catch spiders, but do not kill - we show how!

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Spiders are useful animals

We know that spiders are useful animals and they do not do anything to us, yet many of us do not like it when they get too close - especially the thicker specimens.

In the garden you can move freely, as they usually do not disturb. But when they nest on the patio, or even in the garden shed, one often has no choice but to run away screaming and find a brave man to remove the spider.

Do not kill spiders

Some also hit it with the slap or the fly swatter on it, but that should be avoided. There is another way. Spiders are not dangerous and rarely attack you.

So you can catch the spiders

To remove a spider that gets too close to you, for example, on the patio table or in the garden shed, get a glass and a piece of paper. Put the glass over the spider and drive it under the sheet of paper, look for a safe place and release it again. And already the spider problem is solved.

Video Board: How to Catch a House Spider and Put it Outside Without Killing it.

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