Successfully grow spinach

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The true spinach (Spinacia oleracea) is one of the vegetables that you can grow almost the entire season. The seeds germinate even at low soil temperatures, which is why the early varieties are already sown in March. Summer varieties are sown at the end of May and are ready for harvest at the end of June. For sowing from mid-May you should use only largely bulletproof summer varieties such as 'Emilia'. The spring and autumn varieties "shoot" - form flowers and seeds - as the days get longer.

Successfully grow spinach

Sow the spinach

The spinach seeds should be well covered with soil and tapped

Prepare the soil thoroughly by loosening it, crumble it finely and level it with a rake. Sprinkle two to three liters of mature compost per square meter before skimming and refrain from further fertilizer feeds during the season. Spinach is a weak drinker and tends to accumulate harmful nitrate in the leaves. For sowing, stretch a string and pull with a planting stick a straight, about two centimeters deep Saatrille. Sow or place the spinach seeds one centimeter at a time in the Saat.
If you sow several rows of spinach, you should keep a minimum distance of 20 centimeters in between so that you can work the area with the hoe. The successful germination depends very much on a good soil connection - that is, each seed should be closely surrounded by soil. Therefore close the Saatrillen with the rake and tap the earth with the front of the rake well as with a rammer firmly. Finally, do not forget the casting and the marking for the seed rows.

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