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Sport turf for large areas should be seeded with a spreading cart

After sowing, carefully work the seeds into the soil with a rake
  • do not work deeper than 1 cm, otherwise the seed will not germinate
  • However, if grass seeds are not incorporated, birds or ants are happy
  • If necessary, press surface with a shovel or a hand roller
  • Tip: If you are not confident that you can distribute the seed evenly with your hand, you can also rent a spreader or a seeder in the garden center.
    care Tips
    If the sports lawn has been sown, then it must be maintained. This care needs some time, so that the lawn after sowing also grows dense and strong:
    • Do not enter the area after sowing until a closed grass cover appears
    • if possible also keep pets from entering
    • the area must not dry out during the first six weeks, so pour if there is no rain
    • as soon as the sport turf has reached a height of about 12 cm, it may be cut for the first time
    • Do not set the lawnmower too low, at least 6 cm should stop
    The further care of the sports lawn should not be neglected, because even this kind of lawn needs, like ornamental lawn, a little attention of the hobby gardener. Because especially because of the high load, which is exposed to this lawn, for example, every day children play on it, he can quickly become a waste land with too little care on which barely a stalk grows. Therefore care should be taken when looking after the following:
    • Scarify in spring and autumn
    • regularly, in the summer once a week, mow
    • Watering in the early morning or late evening, when there is no rain in hot summers
    • correct bald or yellow spots
    • loosen up the soil and seed new seeds
    • secure the place so that the children playing do not step on it
    • Immediately remove matted areas in the lawn and sow again
    • Who weeds in sports turf does not bother, it just overesweighs it
    Tip: In order to save scarifying with a corresponding device, a lawn mower with directly installed scarifier can be used.
    Conclusion of the editorship
    If the ideal seed mixture is chosen in advance, the hobby gardener will receive a robust sports lawn, which does not mind if children romp and play here every day. But even this lawn needs a little care, so he remains handsome despite everything. In places that have become yellow must be replaced, the lawn must also be regularly poured, if it does not rain for a long time. One cut per week in summer is also usually a must, so the grasses do not get too long and suffer from the many steps.
    Worth knowing about sports turf shortly
    • Sport turf is less suitable for the garden, even more so as the name suggests for sports facilities, sports fields and football stadiums.
    • This type of grass is very robust and resistant to treading. Weeds would be very inappropriate for football stadiums - so the lawn is not prone to weeds.
    • It is characterized mainly by the resistance. No other turf is permanently exposed to such high loads.
    • Sport turf can withstand these stresses and also looks very good; The dark leaf green gives the sports field that certain something.
    • When buying, you should make sure that the seed is of high quality (brand name), otherwise too few seeds germinate.
    A powerful sports lawn mixture consists essentially of two types of grasses: Lolium perenne is called in our language German ryegrass, it is a very hard-wearing grass that regenerates quickly and completely after damage. But his appearance is rather robust, with coarse but strong stalks. To correct this somewhat more rustic appearance and also to make the sports turf denser, meadowlet is added, botanically Poa pratensis, It develops a rather fine image and convinces by an exceptionally dense growth, but the meadow-radish is nevertheless extremely resilient. Both grasses have many different varieties that can be added to a seed mixture, and each species grows particularly well in certain locations, so several varieties of these grasses should always be used in a sports lawn mixture.
    You can buy such a spore grass mixture ready-made, as so-called rule-seed mixture, the mixture for the sport turf new plant carries the No. 3.1 and is also called "type sport turf new plant", it consists of Lolium perenne and Poa pratensis in in each case different sorts.
    Regeneration of the sports grass
    • If the sports turf has been thoroughly shaken by many extreme games, it needs regeneration with seeding.
    • The use of a higher proportion of ryegrass has proven particularly suitable for this reseeding.
    • The reseeding lawn, RSM type 3.2, sports turf regeneration, consists of 85% Lolium perenne and 15% Poa pratensis in different varieties.
    • But you can also only Lolium perenne (in several varieties, please) and nachsäen this, which should also work.
    Sport lawns as garden lawns
    When it is said that the sport turf is not suitable for the garden, it is referred to the more rustic appearance of such turf. But maybe you just welcome this look and can not do anything at all with fine English grass, then of course you can sow the sports lawn mixture in your garden too. For example, it is very conceivable that a somewhat rough-looking sports turf makes excellent in a cottage garden, even placing emphasis on a rustic effect.

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