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Spray hoses or irrigation systems are available in many different designs. Professional systems, which are also used for horticulture, are often equipped with different attachments and can therefore offer different spray and irrigation forms as needed.
They let the plants descend a fine drizzle, which ensures a steady but economical water supply. Spray hoses are particularly suitable for half-height and low plants, but also larger shrubs and perennials. In large-leaved plants, the location of which has a lot of sunshine, they are usually used reluctantly, because sometimes through the drying drops can form lime margins on the leaves, which tarnish the beautiful appearance of the plant beds.

Practically combine spray hose

In contrast, spray hoses are ideal for supplying water in narrow or hard to reach places, as well as on slopes where it is difficult to apply the water with the watering can. Spray hoses that are used without special irrigation attachments can be selected according to need and planting distance with spraying openings at different distances.
Robust material is used by most manufacturers, so that the spray hoses are also suitable for applying liquid fertilizer or for impregnation. Spray hoses are often used to ensure a safe water supply in the hot summer months, but still uses the precious water sparingly.

Control spray hose

It is also suitable for sprinkling marginal beds and rockeries. Not only allotment garden owners use time switches to be able to supply the plants in their absence through the spray hoses. Depending on the diameter of the pipe, different amounts of water are applied to the soil by the spraying mechanism at up to 4 bar.

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