Spreewald beach life

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In the "Landgasthof zum grünen Strand der Spree" almost everything that comes on the table is homemade. In addition to the bakery and brewery, there is even an in-house distillery.

Spreewald beach life: Landgasthof

The Spreewald barges dock directly at the house, a small jetty leads to the beach and the beer garden

Spreewald Country Inn

At the Landgasthof, Anja and Torsten Römer receive the guests with Bernese Mountain Dog "Brando". In the background right, with red apron: Chef Sabine Stelldinger

In the middle of Unterspreewald, surrounded by dense pine forests, lies the village Schlepzig for more than a thousand years. The Spree winds its way through, lined with old oaks and young birches. At the end of the village you even reach a beach, after which the house was named by Torsten and Anja Römer: Landgasthof zum grünen Spree beach. Sun loungers are in the sand, it smells of smoked trout and freshly brewed beer. Actually, the doctor and his Danish wife had been looking for a holiday home in the area at the beginning of the nineties: "Everything here reminded me of Bremen, where I come from," he says. What they found was the empty inn in Schlepzig. Nearly 20 years later, the doctor and the former stewardess have added a brewery, a bakery, a large beer garden, a 26-room hotel and even a distillery.

Spreewald beer garden

In summer, the beer garden seats on the beach are of course popular. Torsten Römer enjoys his own wheat beer here

In it, Torsten Römer makes his own schnapps, whiskey also comes in the barrels, now also rum. He processes everything that gets in his hands, "if he finds a pair of soles, he burns them too," jokes his wife. There are now 35 fires on the menu, including exotics such as rosehip, rowanberry, dill double grain or Bock beer brandy.

Brewery Spreewald

Lord of the beers: Brewmaster Uwe Zech is responsible for the barley juice

The most beautiful way to the beach of course leads across the water, a Kahn-investor also belongs to the house. What comes on the table, is as typical of the country as rustic: cream quark with home-made linseed oil and potatoes or "the ferryman Mittach", a neck steak from the pig. The Spreefisch must not be missed, trout and eels are smoked directly on the beach, also come with chef Sabine Stelldinger like catfish and carp in the pan. A real treat on hot days is the home-brewed beer. Every year, 100,000 liters flow out of the two copper brewing kettles, just enough for the "beach holidaymakers". Apart from the house, only a few drops are sold by the natural cloud, the dark and the winter goat. However, Romer's favorite is his wheat beer, which he enjoys most at sunset on the water.
Address and Info:
Country inn to the green beach of the Spree, Dorfstraße 53/56, 15910 Schlepzig,
Phone 03 54 72/66 20, spreewaldbrauerei.de
Open daily in summer

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