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Blooming spring island

The Christmas rose "Praecox" is early, because it shows its white flowers as early as November. When the winter is mild, the scented snowball comes to life in January. His pink buds develop into white flower balls that smell wonderful. Now spring can not be far away. A few weeks later, the crocuses and dwarf irises come to light and form a bright carpet of flowers.

Spring Island with Lenz roses

In this spring island, the different lentils radiate particularly beautiful

The dwarf iris "Pauline" shines out in dark purple. It is worth to look more closely at the delicate flowers, because their throat is speckled white. In terms of color, the dwarf iris suits the two lilac roses, which show their flowers at the same time. The left variety, "Rebecca", impresses with its deep red flower color. Queen of the bed is the half-filled Lenzrose "Elly", because it is of impressive beauty: The pink petals are veined dark red and surround the bright yellow stamens. Both Lenzrosen bloom until April. The Heucherella takes its time and flowers only from May to July. For this she ensures the whole winter with her reddish foliage for color in the bed.

New breeding Heucherella

The Staude Heucherella is a fairly new hybrid of foam blossom (Tiarella) and purple bell (Heuchera), which combines the advantages of both: on the one hand attractive flowers and on the other hand decorative, colorful leaves that wither only after the winter. The variety "Quicksilver" bears reddish foliage with a silvery leaf top. A half-shady place with slightly moist soil is ideal.

Planting plan and shopping list

Planting plan Spring Island

The planting plan of the above spring island with scented snowball as the center

1 Scented snowball (Viburnum farreri), buds pink, white flowers from January to April, up to 2 m tall and wide, 1 piece
2 Lenten rose (Helleborus orientalis "SP Rebecca"), dark red flowers from February to April, 50 cm high, evergreen, 1 piece
3 Lenten rose (Helleborus orientalis "SP Elly"), flowers pink, dark veins, half-filled, Feb.-April, evergreen, 40 cm high, 1 St.
4 Christmas rose (Helleborus niger "Praecox"), white flowers from November to March, evergreen, 25 cm high, 1 piece
5 Dwarf iris (Iris reticulata "Natascha"), light blue, almost white flowers in March and April, 15 cm high, 40 onions
6 Crocus (Crocus chrysanthus "Cream Beauty"), cream yellow flowers in February and March, 6 cm high, 80 tubers
7 Crocus (Crocus biflorus "Miss Vain"), white flowers in February and March, 10 cm high, 80 tubers
8 Heucherella (Heucherella "Quicksilver"), light pink flowers from May-July, red-silvery, evergreen foliage, 30 cm high, 6 pc.
9 Dwarf iris (Iris reticulata "Pauline"), dark purple flowers with white center in February and March, 12 cm high, 40 onions

Crocus meadow in front of a shady bed

Since no one wants to sunbathe or play football in the garden in February, the crocuses can grow on the lawn and spread out to their heart's content. The garden is lined by a shrub hedge, which looks pretty in winter: the holly is evergreen and also dotted with bright red fruit. In addition, the red dogwood "Winter Beauty" grows, whose branches are strikingly yellow to red. As the color is most intense in young shoots, older branches should be cut near the ground every three to five years.

Crocus meadow in front of Schattenbeet

This shady bedding provides many eye-catchers such as the red dogwood, the fruits of holly or the flowers of witch hazel

Another highlight in late winter is the witch hazel, which already bears its yellow flowers in January. Between the bushes the spindle shrub spreads. He shows his white-framed leaves all year round. Even among the perennials, there are some species that keep the foliage in winter. In this bed, it is the lungwort "Trevi Fountain" and the elven flower "Sulfurum", whose leaves are then colored red. Even the sedge makes a good figure with its fine stalks throughout the year. But the bed not only has beautiful leaves to offer: From January, the garden snowdrop and the yellow winterling show their flowers - a perfect backdrop for the crocus meadow.

Lungwort: forest plant with white blots

The lungwort is especially popular because of its dotted leaves, which look pretty even in winter. In addition, it is a noteworthy spring bloomer.Depending on the variety, the flowers are white, pink or purple. The perennial prefers a half-shady, moist location. "Trevi Fountain" blooms in blue violet. The variety has been recognized by perennial experts as one of the best.

Planting plan and shopping list

Planting plan for shade bed

Planting plan for the above shadow bed with crocus meadow

1 Holly (Ilex aquifolium), evergreen, in winter red fruits, grows slowly, at the age of 3-5 m high and broad, 1 St.
2 Red dogwood (Cornus sanguinea "Winter Beauty"), white flowers in May, young shoots yellow to red, 3 m tall and small. wide, 1 pc.
3 Spindle shrub (Euonymus fortunei "Emerald'n Gaiety"), evergreen, white leaf margins, 30 cm tall, 1 piece
4 Witch hazel (Hamamelis intermedia "Orange Beauty"), yellow flowers in January and February, smells, up to 3 m high, 1 piece
5 Winterling (Eranthis hyemalis), yellow flowers in January and February, 5 cm high, highly poisonous, 150 tubers
6 Elven flower (Epimedium x versicolor "Sulfurum"), yellow flowers in April / May, evergreen, reddish in winter, 30 cm, 9 pcs.
7 Garden snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis), white flowers from January to March, 12 cm tall, 200 bulbs
8 Lungwort (Pulmonaria saccharata "Trevi Fountain"), blue-violet flowers in March / April, wintergreen, 20-30 cm, 6 pieces
9 Sedge (Carex remota), very fine foliage, evergreen, yellow-green flowers in June and July, 20-30 cm, 4 pieces
10 Small crocus (Crocus chrysanthus), wild mixture in white, yellow and purple, 200 tubers


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