Banisters for outside (outdoor)

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Banisters for outside (outdoor)

In general, railings are a useful design to protect people from falling from tall equipment or stairs.
Railings on stairs also serve a second purpose:
They are also a guide to people who may have problems with their eyes or are not sure-footed for a variety of reasons; for example, small children.
Stair railings are available in different versions as there are stairs. And it makes sense with every staircase to provide them with a railing.
The breadth of the offer ranges from different kinds of wood over metals (especially stainless steel) even up to handmade stone, simple rope constructions or even glass.
Depending on which stairs you want to provide with a railing, you have to see which material is best suited. One of the most important factors here is usually the optics, because of course you want something that makes something for the eye and fits well with the environment. But next to it you must not forget the quality, after all, a stair railing sometimes a bit more to endure.
This is especially true for banisters that are attached to the outside. Outside handrails not only have to withstand the everyday burdens of climbing stairs themselves and thus possibly pressure, they must also be able to withstand a wide variety of weather conditions without losing their durability.
Material and costs
for outdoor railings

Generally you can for an outdoor railing
use the same materials as for indoor railings.
Nevertheless, the weather conditions that influence the railing have to be considered. Basically, stainless steel or another, solid metal is always suitable for an outdoor railing. This is simply because the metal is very durable and also durable. Of course you should use stainless metal for an outside railing, as it gets wet by rain, snow or dew in the early morning.
But also a railing made of glass, stone or high quality wood is possible. The maintenance effort is a bit different for everyone. Especially wood would like to be much cared for, so it does not soften or can be damaged by fungi.
With so many variations for an outdoor railing, you can not specify a flat rate. The price depends on the material itself, on the height of the stairs, on the workmanship and on whether you can mount or grow a railing yourself (additional craftsman's costs). In addition, the place of purchase also plays a role. Self-assembly sets from the internet are generally a bit cheaper than handrails by a specialist. In return, the expert offers competent advice and assistance.
Generally, you can set a margin in the price between 200 € and 1500 €.
For handmade or very extravagant wishes, the price can of course increase immensely.

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