Steel terrace / steel balcony: cost of a steel construction for terraces

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Steel terrace / steel balcony: cost of a steel construction for terraces: cost

A steel balcony or a steel terrace are the ideal solution for those who would have to get along without a balcony at their home. They are relatively easy to attach to the building afterwards. However, it necessarily needs professionals. And the costs depend largely on the size of the building conditions in addition to the size. To get a fixed price offer in advance is therefore advisable.

balcony species

If a balcony is already integrated in the construction of a house, it is usually embedded directly in the facade and thus part of the house structure. However, if you have decided not to do so and would like to install a balcony or terrace afterwards, a special construction must be installed on the façade. Essentially, two variants are used today - the suspended balcony and the standing balcony. The suspended balcony is screwed to the facade, so it depends on her. At least two tie rods and two ceiling tie rods are used. Although the standing balcony is also anchored to the facades, it is essentially supported by two columns, which in turn stand on foundations. A standing balcony is therefore much more resilient than a suspended balcony and also easier to install. However, a foundation made of concrete is absolutely essential for this.


The frames of the balconies, which are retrofitted, are today made of either steel or powder-coated RAL aluminum. Sometimes there is a mixture of both materials. The balcony surface, so the area on which one stands, is usually made of wood such as Douglas fir worked. Aluminum is the material of choice today for frame construction. The reason: It is only about a third as heavy as steel. For mounting an aluminum balcony therefore usually no heavy equipment such as a hydraulic lift is needed. This saves time and costs. In addition, aluminum balconies can be easily removed if necessary, since in them all connections are usually only bolted and not welded as in steel balconies.Anyone who wants to install a balcony at his home retrospectively needs a permit from the lower building authority. This means that a building application must be submitted to the municipality or city. To this building application is imperative to a blueprint, which shows exactly how the balcony looks like, how it is constructed and what dimensions it has. In addition, it must be guaranteed that the cultivation poses no danger to passers-by, for example. Ultimately, therefore, relatively extensive planning measures are necessary, which can usually only perform an architect. Although steel and aluminum balconies can be easily purchased as finished kits in different sizes. What exactly but possible, must necessarily determine a professional. Not least static factors play an important role. Under normal circumstances, applications to build a balcony are usually approved without further requirements.

cost composition

Steel balcony - steel terrace

A major factor in the cost of such a balcony construction is of course the size. The larger the balcony should be, the more material is needed and the higher the cost. In addition, of course, also the structural conditions play a role. In short, making a reliable, general statement about the true cost is virtually impossible, as too many individual factors play a role. Basically, the total costs comprise the following individual costs:
  • Cost of planning
  • Fees for the building application
  • Cost of breaking out a door opening in the masonry
  • Cost of a balcony door
  • Cost of the balcony construction
  • Cost of installation of the construction
  • for standing balconies additional costs for the foundation made of concrete
Of course, it is more than advisable to determine the total costs before commissioning. This is best done in cooperation with the planning architect. He can give precise information about which size is possible and what may be required for additional work. Based on this information and taking into account your own ideas, you then get concrete and binding fixed price offers. Ideally, one looks for a company that does all the necessary work and also leads appropriate balconies.
Tip: Suitable companies in its region can be found on the Internet or in the Yellow Pages. At least three offers should be obtained in advance.

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To get a rough idea of ​​what the cost of such a balcony can be, let's take a quick look at the prices for balcony kits. Only the material is considered. The assembly must be paid separately. Incidentally, this should necessarily be carried out by professionals. From a self-assembly can only be advised for security reasons.As already mentioned, the size of the balcony plays a significant role in the cost. Important here are the so-called overhang, ie the distance from the facade wall to the balcony railing, and the width.
suspended balconies
A suspended balcony made of powder-coated aluminum and with Douglas fir flooring costs around 6,500 euros with a projection of 1.5 meters and a width of 2.5 meters. With a projection of 2.5 meters and a width of about 5 meters, the cost of the kit to about 12 000 euros. Added to this is the sales tax of currently 19 percent.
standing balconies
An alu-standing balcony with a projection of 1.5 meters and a width of 2.5 meters beats at about 6 000 € to book. The larger version with a projection of 2.5 meters and a width of 5 meters costs almost 11,000 euros. Again, these are net prices, to which VAT must still be added.
The costs include all the materials needed to install the balcony. In the case of a standing balcony, however, it must be taken into account that it requires a concrete foundation to support the columns. Depending on the size you can calculate for such a foundation with costs between 200 and 500 euros.


Steel balcony - steel terrace

In order to actually be able to obtain a viable offer, some questions must be clarified in advance. Most important, of course, is the question of the dimensions of the construction. These depend on the one hand on the personal wishes and on the other hand on the structural conditions. In addition, it should be discussed in consultation with the architect, whether a hanging or a standing balcony should be built - and of course the question of the material, so whether steel or aluminum, a certain importance. To find a suitable provider, you do well to orient yourself on a checklist. This checklist should include the following items:
  • Does the company offer complete kits?
  • Does it also mount the balcony?
  • Does it break a door opening from the masonry and set a balcony door?
  • Does the door need to be bought separately or can the factory supply it?
  • Does the company cast a foundation when needed?
  • Can she show references?
  • Is it possible to find customer reviews on the Internet and what do they look like?
A reputable company will always be the first to get an idea of ​​the situation before making an offer. The offer should definitely be designed to take into account all eventualities. It should in any case be in writing and contain a detailed list of all agreed services. In addition, it is strongly recommended that you make a binding determination when the offer is submitted when the company can carry out the work.
Tip: It is better and easier to entrust a single company with all necessary work. This usually saves trouble and also considerable time.


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