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The grave is to honor the deceased and to keep him an honorable memory even after his demise. Much care is therefore necessary in the grave design.

Grave shaping tips instructions

The death of a loved one is often very sad. It is all the more important to have a place to say goodbye. A place where there is the possibility of giving the deceased a final acknowledgment. This can be implemented by a respectful grave design and a beautiful and well-maintained final resting place.
For the implementation to succeed, think about your own idea of ​​the tomb. The most important elements of the grave design have therefore been illuminated here for you again.

Step 1: Choose the right tombstone

The gravestone is one of the most personal elements of a tomb. The material, the form, the application of the name, all that should be chosen to match the personality of the deceased. Basically, there is the choice to apply lettering made of metal, or to engrave in the stone. In addition to the name of the deceased and his birth and death may also be considered to leave a final message. A final saying or quote that characterizes or honors the deceased. Even pictures, whether of the deceased himself, a holy patron saint or other motives such as flowers, are often chosen to additionally enhance the gravestone optically.

Many choose the material for natural stone. The stone is weather-resistant and has a very long life and can be worked well. In addition, many design options can also be implemented in the actual form:

  • as a stone book
  • as a stele
  • as a rock
  • or as an ordinary tombstone.

The chosen elaboration of the grave meal should also depend on further design projects of the tomb. This means that the size of the tomb, planting and other decoration wishes should be present before the gravestone is selected. If there is still no exact idea of ​​the later design, it is advisable to make sure that at least the tombstone and the boundary of the grave visually match each other.

Step 2: Flower choice for the grave

The tomb is mostly decorated with flowers and shrubs. Usually, typical grave plants are used. These are characterized by the fact that they are not so sensitive and usually even easy to maintain. One of the most commonly used burial plants is ice begonia. It blooms from spring to autumn.

However, so that throughout the year, a colorful flowerage and color variety is present, you agree the plants of their color and flowering time from each other. Which plants are best at which time, can also be seen on In addition, a free plant calendar is also available there as a PDF. Thus, the grave can be made attractive all year round.

Grave planting shrubs

Depending on the grave, smaller or larger shrubs can be planted. The advantage here is that they often last a very long time and do not need to be replaced. The downside, on the other hand, is that you need to keep the plants in good shape. Especially if they are placed close to the tombstone, make sure that it is not obscured by the shrubbery. It is advisable to always resort to smaller shrubs.

Step 3: Use of stone slabs and gravel

Just when a flatter planting is chosen for the grave, it can look very noble, if the grave area is covered in part with stone slabs or gravel. For common natural stones such as granite or marble, there are matching plate pieces in a curved shape. The result is a visually appealing contrast between the smoothed surface of the stone and the dark earth in which the decorative bedding plants are located. In addition, the care of the tomb is facilitated because all places can be easily reached on the grave plate. The setting and pouring of the plants and the raking of the soil are then possible without stepping into the middle of the flowerbed and leaving traces in the soil.

Grave design gravel

Also filling with gravel can facilitate the grave care and lead to a visually tidy sight. On the gravel later good candlelight or additional flower vases can be accommodated. In addition, when using gravel care should be taken to match the color of the tombstone. Pure white marble pebbles usually work very hard. Pebbles are more harmonious in natural or gray tones. The design possibilities are also greater with gravel than with stone slabs. Areas can be filled variably with the material and, if necessary, plants can even be used within the gravel area.It should be noted, however, that the use of gravel must be discussed in advance with the cemetery administration, as the use of gravel is not allowed in all cemeteries.

Step 4: More grave decoration

Grave decoration book

If you want to personalize the grave, you have the possibility of giving the last resting place a personal touch in the other grave decorations. One of the most important elements that should not be missing on any tomb is the grave lamp or grave lantern. This ensures that the set candle burns long and is not blown out by the next gust of wind. Material, shape and color are available in any orientation. However, the choice should focus on stability and solid workmanship.

If grave slabs are used, planting can also be effectively exhibited through the use of grave shells. These are usually in the matching material such as granite or marble. Equally suitable grave vases can be used to bring a fresh bouquet of flowers to advantage. Thus, just on special occasions that grave can be provided with additional flower arrangements.

Also very decorative are special stone slabs of decorative stones with hearty sayings. These can also transmit a very personal message. On special occasions, other grave decorations may be attached. Inspirations on grave decorations and grave design can be collected on special holidays such as All Saints Day. Just this day, the dead are thought and the graves are especially spruced. Anyone who walks with an open view over the cemetery will be able to find plenty of inspiration for their own grave design.

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