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If you are looking for eyecatchers in the garden, you should plant the star thongs there. Which varieties are particularly beautiful and how the star thong is maintained, read here.

Elegant perennial: the star-throats

The star dagger is an absolutely elegant perennial, whose imposing, long-lasting flowers make some gardener's heart beat faster. It thrives very well in partial shade and can therefore be easily planted even in different woody plants.

Beekeepers love the star thugs

The star-throats thrives best on moist soil. In sunnier locations, it must therefore be watered regularly. Also, the star dumpling is often visited by bees. One reason why many beekeepers welcome the cultivation of this plant. (Link tip: Bees in the garden - 4 tips on how to attract them)

Much more important than cultivation, however, is the care of this plant, because only if this is optimal, you can enjoy the beauty of the star thumbed. Therefore, we would like to give you a few tips for the care of the Star Thorns here. But before we do that, here are just a few of the most beautiful varieties presented.

Various types of star dart presented:

A distinction is made in principle between the large star dumplings, which can boast a stature height of up to 80 centimeters and the small star thorn, which only rises up to about 40 centimeters. Where on a single flower stem of a star thumle several flowers form at the same time, which in turn have very many small single flowers. And a complete umbel is additionally surrounded by a bract wreath. These varieties look really nice:

  • Large Star Thum - also called Star Thong Major, with white to pink flowers, nice shade
  • Small star thorns - only growing up to 30 centimeters high, is well suited for the rock garden
  • K├Ąrntner Sterndolde - somewhat more demanding in terms of care, also needs some fertilizer from time to time
  • Hadspen Blood - bright pink flower
  • Shaggy - slower variety (up to 60 centimeters), pure white flowers
  • Rubra - has dark red bracts
  • Lars - dark red flower, flowering from July to September, growing to 50 centimeters tall
  • Rosea - purple bracts
  • Ruby Wedding - deep red bloom, flowering time begins in May
  • Claret - dark pink flowers, blooming from June to September, plant height up to about 60 centimeters
  • Roma - light pink to silver-colored flower, looks very petite
  • Ruby Cloud - robin-red flower, growing up to 70 centimeters high
  • Moulin Rouge - new variety, pink flowers, purple high wreath, total Eycatcher in the garden bed
  • Lucifer - white-ruby red colored flower, medium sized, rarely available, blooms from June to September

Care tips for the Sterndolde:

In principle, a star thorn is extremely undemanding, which is why it is commonly found in public gardens. Here are a few tips for care:

┬╗Tip 1:

Star umbels should always be placed in humus-rich, slightly moist soil. Alternatively, you can also enrich a normal soil accordingly.

┬╗Tip 2:

In late autumn, you should cut off the withered stems all.

┬╗Tip 3:

After flowering, which lasts from June to August, a star thumble will multiply by self-seeding. You can also multiply it by division. Just take an offshoot of the perennial and plant it in another location. (Link tip: propagate plants - 4 techniques)

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