Stone benches for the garden

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Stone benches are extraordinary works of art that, with their durability in the garden, make a delightful contrast to the transience of our plant world. Whether made of granite, basalt, marble, sandstone or limestone - with their naturalness and often decorated with loving details, for example from the Renaissance, Classicism or Art Nouveau, they look like sculptures that enhance our gardens in every respect.

Sandstone stone bench

Large sandstone blocks can also serve as rustic benches

In summer, they are surrounded by flowers, in winter, the benches with snow-covered contours provide peace. No question: stone benches are a worthwhile purchase for life. Thanks to their stability and weather resistance, they survive decades without any care - natural stone products become more and more beautiful as the years go by! It is particularly harmonious when the bank picks up the rock type of way, stairs or decking.

Bench between yew hedges

Between the hedges, this stone bench offers a shady retreat

Variety of materials in stone benches

While dark basalt suits the modern style, marble is used in classic gardens. Granite works in almost every garden thanks to its many different varieties. The benches are hand-crafted by stone sculptors - making them unique and can be designed as desired. Smooth polished, they look contemporary, while a natural surface with irregular structures conveys naturalness. Some models combine different techniques. Depending on your preference, you decide on a stone bench with or without backrest or armrest and prefer squiggly or rather plain shapes. Exclusive models already show patina.

classic natural stone bench

The artfully decorated natural stone bench exudes classic elegance on the gray slate path in front of the grassy bed

The right place in the garden

The choice of natural stone trading locally or by mail order is great. The type of rock and the workload determine the price, and so it is possible to spend for the special seat opportunity from 200 to several thousand euros. The best place for the stone bench should be well considered, because once installed, the natural stone product is not so easy to move elsewhere for weight reasons. If the bank is to attract attention as a special work of art, the place is ideal in front of the blossoming discounts, on the lawn or in front of the green hedge. If, on the other hand, it serves primarily as a seat, it can be placed on the garden path, on the pond or on a sunny, sheltered spot at the house. Here, the natural stone bench invites you to linger around the year.

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