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IV-VI, small cruciferous flowers, bright yellow, fragrant Height: A. montanum 10 - 20 cm A. saxatile 20 - 40 cm Leaf: gray-green, tomentose Hair Growth: low to bushy upright; forms pillow-shaped upholstery


Alyssum montanum 'Berggold', golden yellow flower
Alyssum saxatile 'Compactum' (rock-weed), golden yellow, fragrant with honey
Alyssum saxatile: 'Citrinum' (lemon yellow, 30 cm), 'Compactum' (pure yellow, 20 cm), 'Plenum' (yellow, filled, 25 cm)
Alyssum serpyllifolium (small-leaved rock herb), blossom light yellow


Dry to fresh, calcareous, sandy-humus, loamy soil, good drainage


Sow from March, cuttings in early summer


Cut back after flowering to keep the plants compact and shapely, easy fertilization prevents internal blanching, severely cut down floriferous specimens in autumn. Tip: Too much fertilizer promotes growth of the shoots at the expense of flowering, older specimens can be poorly transplanted because of the deep taproot. Stone weed is an important nutritive plant for bees in spring.


Rock garden, dry stone walls, rubble bed, trough planting, bordering of borders Partners: Blue cushions, carpet phlox, red tulips, gooseberry, ribbon flower, upholstered phlox, red, blue and purple bearded iris

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