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When an uninvited guest moves into the attic, it is usually a stone marten, which, unlike other species of marten, is not afraid of being near people. However, he is usually the one who eats the wires and cables of cars and therefore is not seen by most people like.
Wanted poster of the stone marten
The stone marten belongs to the real martens and occurs in the whole of Central Europe. Like all species of marten, he has an elongated body and rather short legs. His body is in the adult state about 40 to 50 inches long, to add is still his tail, which can be up to 30 inches long.
The coat of stone marten has a greyish brown color, only its throat mark is white. Through this Kehlfleck the stone marten can be well distinguished from the second domestic marten species, the pine marten. While the throat stain is forked at the bottom of the stone marten and stretches down to the front legs, it is rounded below the pine marten and has a yellowish color.
Lifestyle of these animals
The stone marten is not a typical forest dweller, but rather prefers open terrain. He finds himself therefore often in the vicinity of human settlements, where he often seeks a shelter in attics or in other garden buildings.
In principle, a stone marten eats everything, but mainly feeds on smaller mammals and birds, which he loots at night. It seldom engages in chickens or pigeons, so there is no particular danger in this regard. In summer, he also uses the large supply of fruits and berries.
The stone marten is a loner who defends his territory against conspecifics. Only during the mating season in midsummer, he seeks contact with the opposite sex, but the boys come only from March to the world. They are raised by the females alone and are independent in the following autumn. In the wild, they are usually only three years old, but under good conditions, they can quite reach an age of ten years or more.
The stone marten in the house
A stone marten, who has sought a place to sleep in the house, is usually found in the attic. He is a very good climber, so he uses trees, trellises and the like to get into the loft and set up a shelter there. He may also bring his boys there and take care of them until they become self-employed.
For the residents this is usually annoying, because the marten brings his prey to the attic, leaving feces and urine and nibble holes in the roof to create more escape routes. In addition, the noise he causes at night can be very disturbing. The most effective way to repel a stone marten from the attic is to disturb it during the day with as much noise as possible so that it will not find peace. In addition, the roof should be carefully sealed to deny access to it.
In contrast, catching martens in order to suspend them or kill them is not permitted because these animals are subject to hunting law and therefore may only be hunted or hunted by hunters or other persons in possession of a hunting license.

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