Stone stairs - costs & prices for inside and outside

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Stone stairs - costs & prices for inside and outside

Stone stairs are the high-end products in staircase construction, because such stair constructions are distinguished by an outstanding and spectacular appearance, at the same time stability and robustness with low care and maintenance.
However, this advantage repertoire is clearly noticeable in the price, which is comparatively high.
For a stone staircase can be installed unhindered both indoors and outdoors.

Stone staircase for the interior
In principle, a distinction is made in the construction of stone steps between those made of natural or artificial stone. Indoors, both types of stone are conceivable, although the artificial stone is currently quite clearly on the rise.
Artificial stone stairs consist of a mixture of quartz granules and resin, to which various color pigments are added. This creates a diverse look that can hardly be distinguished from natural stones. In addition, artificial stone is much more robust than natural stone.
In terms of price, artificial stone stairs are the cheapest of all stone staircase versions. A stone staircase made of artificial stone starts material specific at 3,000 euros. Depending on the workload, another 3,000 euros will be due for installation.
Although the artificial stone staircase can now imitate the appearance of all natural stones, there are still people who favor the use of natural stone stairs. In the interior you will find in this context, marble, granite and slate. The price range varies with the materials used.
Marble is located in the lower price range of natural stone stairs
and starts at about 5,000 euros. He is soft and therefore not so robust. Slate gives the stone staircase
a special look, but costs in the staircase purchase, however, equal to 2,000 euros more.
Granite is characterized by its extreme durability in combination with great abrasion resistance, but can only be found in the stone staircase around 10,000 euros.
Stone staircase for outdoor use
Outdoor stone staircases are conceivable in as many materials as indoor ones, but clear tendencies in the choice of stone have emerged.
Although artificial stone staircases can be used outdoors and, at 3,000 euros, are by far the cheapest stone staircase variant, they are rarely used outdoors. Instead, limestone and sandstone as well as granite and slate for external stairs are preferred.
Lime and sandstone stairs are comparable in price with the artificial stone stairs and already available from 3,000 euros. The problem with these materials, however, is the threat of weathering and erosion in high humidity. Therefore, increased repair work and extensive outdoor stairway renovations are indicated.
Slate and granite for external stairs are not different in price from those for indoor use and are between 7,000 and 10,000 euros. Marble has proven to be impractical for outdoors, as this natural stone is clearly too soft.

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