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In the face of ever-increasing prices for every kind of commodity and the fact that home-made things have a certain charm, many return to back to basic in this respect and make some of their own four walls and the garden itself.
In addition, you can live out creative and make unique items that you can not buy in any store.
In the garden, for example, stone troughs are very popular. They can fulfill a variety of functions. You can collect rainwater in them and use them for watering. Furthermore, planted stone troughs look very beautiful. When using the stone troughs the creativity knows no bounds.
However, before you can use your stone trough according to your own ideas, you have to make it first. Building the stone troughs yourself is not difficult at all and even laymen should be able to cope with the following instructions without difficulty.
Stone troughs build yourself - the preparation
The most important thing in the construction of stone troughs is a good preparation. This includes getting or making a mold and, of course, providing all the material needed for the construction.
If only one ingredient is missing, the whole company Steintrogbau can be finished very quickly and you have to throw away the possibly partially mixed mortar mixture. That would be very annoying.
As a mold, various containers are suitable. First of all, it depends on what shape the stone trough should have. For a round or oval stone trough, you can use a zinc bathtub or a simple bucket to mix concrete and mortar. If the stone trough square, a plastic box is well suited.
Of course you can also make your own mold. Chipboard with a thickness of 19 millimeters, which can be purchased in every hardware store, has proven to be the best choice.
It should be noted that the mold must consist of two parts. So you have to have two shapes that fit together. Ideally, a gap of about 8 centimeters remains between the two vessels. This results in a thickness of the side walls of about 5 centimeters.
As a material you can either resort to ready-mixed mortar mixtures from the hardware store or - which is rather recommended for the individual design of Steintrogs - make the mortar mixture itself. For the latter, white cement, building sand, expanded clay, bark compost and cementitious oxide paint are needed. Since everyone has different ideas of his stone trough, no information can be made at this point to the mixing ratio. It depends on the size of the stone trough should have.
First, the white cement, the expanded clay and the color in a container are thoroughly mixed together. After that, construction sand and bark compost are added. Finally, add water until a mixture that is moist with earth is formed.
Building stone troughs yourself - a guide
Now it finally starts with the pouring of the stone trough. First, the bottom plate is poured. For this, pour a layer of the mortar mixture about 4 centimeters into the mold and compact it carefully.
For compacting, a fäustel is ideal. Thereafter, a matching piece of wire mesh is placed on it and in turn is a layer of the mortar mixture, which is also compacted and smoothed.
For the inner walls, place the second mold exactly in the middle of the already cast floor and fill in the mortar mixture layer by layer. After each shift must be condensed.
The casting is then completed once. The stone trough takes at least 24 hours to dry. Then the frame is removed. The stone trough has to dry for about seven to ten days.
So that the stone trough does not break, it is necessary to spray the surface daily with water. In addition, the trough must be protected by covering with foil from the weather.

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