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Some love them, the others hate them: gravel gardens - also referred to by bad tongues as gravel or stone deserts. This does not mean the beautifully landscaped gravel gardens in the style of Beth Chatto, in which numerous plants grow and gravel is used for aesthetic reasons, especially as a mulch layer, but gardens that consist almost entirely of stones - peppered with single, mostly evergreen plants.

This stony desert trend is especially noticeable in German front gardens. One advantage of these stones yes: they are easy to clean. However, as bees, butterflies or birds do not find any food in such rockeries, little or no oxygen is produced due to missing or small amounts of plants and soil life under the stone layer stunted, the Illertisser Stiftung Gartenkultur and its association ask again this year: Stoned You! With this action they appeal to garden owners to remove their gravel surface and turn it into a living garden - including numerous plants and animals.

Front yard planted with hydrangeas

Bees, butterflies and Co. find plenty of food in a lushly planted front yard - and it looks even more beautiful

How to "pebble" your garden

First of all, of course, you must be prepared to remove the stone desert in your garden and turn it back into a real garden. To keep you on the ball, you can download a voluntary commitment from the Museum of Horticulture website. In this document you will also find detailed instructions on how to properly remove the gravel and re-plant the area. Anyone who submits this self-obligation filled out with the support club, can pick up a corresponding amount of soil activator and green manure to revitalize the soil directly at the Museum of Horticulture in Illertissen. In addition, an area has been specially created there for the "stoned you" action, where you can symbolically dispose of a part of the removed gravel. On the gravel mounds created by this action, the association will then settle local, endangered plants.

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