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Label stones - tips and instructions: instructions

Today, these stones are also accepted as place cards, small gifts and a thank you. You can buy such stones ready, but also label yourself and so save a lot of money.

Selection of stones

  • In nature, of course, you will find enough stones, but their surface is rough. Polished surfaces look and look better, but are harder to get and not easy to label.
  • Small stones are packed kilo-ate at the hardware store. They are well suited as "table cards" on the coffee table.
  • Slate in a special form is often obtained from roofers. These make shaped slate plates as a finger exercise. Just ask.
  • Even larger stones can be found in the hardware store, in the craft shop and in nature. If you are looking for specially shaped or polished stones, you can also ask a stonemason. This is an expensive option, but also very noble.
  • Well suited for labeling are white river pebbles. You buy them bag by piece, even under 10 euros.
  • For marking well suited stones with smooth surfaces, but also clay. Ideal are smooth hewn basalt paving stones, but also slates, old roof tiles or smooth cut boulders.

What is suitable for labeling?

  • ... special Eddingstifte in many colors, including gold, silver, glitter and the like.
  • The pins must be waterproof!
  • Creative color, for example from the company CreaDirekt.
  • Paint pencils and decoration in different colors.
  • You can also scratch the writing in the stone. This is time-consuming, but holds for eternity. At the end you can still paint the lettering with colors.
  • The writing can also be milled, but this requires special equipment.


First, make sure that the decorative stones are absolutely clean. They are thoroughly washed and cleaned from dirt. It is best to use a brush to get the stones nice and clean. Many of the white river pebbles or marble quarry stones, which you get in DIY stores and garden centers, are surrounded by a white layer, similar to a powder. This must also be washed off, but this is quite easy.
  • Before labeling, the stones must dry!
  • You should choose the most beautiful side of the stone for the lettering.
  • But it is also important to ensure that the stone is well and not umolls or falls over when you lie down. The font must be easy to recognize!
  • If you want, you can prescribe the letters with a pencil. So it can be checked if everything fits the stone and how it works. Pencil is easy to erase.
  • Now trace with the appropriate color or pen.
  • Paint or pen must dry!
  • Now the stone can still be painted.

Make durable

If you want to use the labeled stones for outdoor use, it makes sense to treat them after labeling with clear coat. It's best to spray the paint.


  • The fingers have to be clean. If you have color on your fingers and touch the stone, the color is fast on this and hardly goes off. This is especially good with white stones.
  • Eddingstifte, but also others, are available in different weights. For small stones, thinner, for larger, thicker ones are recommended.

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