Strange dogs and cats in the garden

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Many cats are a thorn in the eye

A problem in many residential areas are free-roaming dogs and cats, For example, if the neighbor has animals that he lets loose in his garden or on the street, then these animals can of course also get into your garden.

Dogs in the garden

This is a thorn in the side of some people, especially when the animals use the garden as a toilet. Here you have to make a difference. If the pet is a dog, then you can forbid the neighbor to let it run free.

Cats in the garden

This is different with cats. If the usual number of cats (two per household per household) goes exploring, crossing your garden, maybe even doing business there, you can not do anything about it. Even if you know who the cats belong to.

If it is more than two, then things look different again. Otherwise judging courts so that you can set limits on free-roaming cats. So you have to approve the visit to the garden.

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