Strohblumen overwinter - Tips for hibernation in the house and garden

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Strawflowers are actually annuals. But there are also perennial varieties. For them to bloom for several years, you must bring them well over the winter.

There are also perennial straw flowers

Did you know that there are over 600 different species of strawflowers? Many of these species, including the well-known garden straw flower, are annual and need to be sown year after year (see here for details). Perennial species such as the Italian straw flower or the sand straw flower, however, can bring you well over the cold season. And even in the garden! You do not even have to pay that much attention.

Stalking flowers in the house over the winter

If your flowering plants (Helichrysum) grow in the bed, you have to dig them out in the fall together with the roots and transplant them into a pot or tub. Then bring this bucket into the house. Choose a bright location in an unheated room. 12 degrees Celsius are ideal for the plant. Three to four degrees more or less harm the plant but not.

Do not fertilize the straw flower during the rest period and water sparingly. It is sufficient if the soil in the bucket does not dry out completely. Too much wetness damages the roots in winter against it.

If you would like to expose the strawflowers again in the spring, you should wait until the ice saints in mid-May. However, frosts are rarely severe in the spring. By the end of March at the latest, it is very unlikely that the straw flowers will suffer frost damage.

Stalking flowers in the garden over winter

It is also possible to overwinter perennial strawflowers outdoors. Many species are frost hardy, but tolerate only relatively mild temperatures to about -5 degrees Celsius. If the temperature goes down significantly for a long time, it probably will not survive the plant. However, you can take some protective measures to prevent this from happening:

❶ Cover the shoots with branches of coniferous trees such as spruce or fir.

❷ Surround the straw flower with a thick layer of mulch or fall foliage to protect the roots.

❸ Shadow the plant, for example, with a shading net or simply place the pots with the plants closer to the house. A big danger in addition to severe frost is that the water in the tubs thaws too quickly. This leads to cracks in the cell walls of the plant. In the shade, however, frozen water thaws off more slowly.

Our tip for all cases: pull cuttings as a substitute

Have you decided to keep your strawflowers well protected in the garden during the winter? Then in the summer months, take some cuttings in smaller pots and just overwinter these pots in the house. If the mother plant dies in the cold season, you have at least a nice replacement in the spring. However, the removal of cuttings is only possible with sufficiently woody species and specimens. There are also other ways that you can multiply straw flowers.

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