Straw stars: Tinker nostalgic Christmas decorations yourself

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What could better prepare us for the approaching Christmas than cozy craft evenings? The binding of straw stars is easy to learn, but you should bring a little patience and tact. Depending on your taste, the stars are made of natural, bleached or colored straws. You can also decide whether to use whole, ironed or split stalks. If you like, you can even tan it with the iron. Because the straw is quite brittle, we recommend soaking it in water before crafting, which takes about 30 minutes. But beware: Do not put colored stalks in warm water, otherwise they will stain.

The simplest variant is the four-star: To do so, lay two stalks in a cross shape and two others on a gap, so that all resulting angles are the same size. For complicated forms, there are craft books with detailed instructions. By trimming single stalks further variations are possible. Beautiful inlaid pearls, or colorful yarns to tie. Just try what you like.

Step by step: making straw stars yourself

Cut out natural straws

Smooth natural straws

First cut several equal long blades (left) and flatten with the fingernail (right)

Our straw star consists of whole stalks that were neither soaked nor ironed. First cut several equal-long stalks. Then smooth it with your fingernail.

Cross natural straws

The straw stripes now umweben

Make a cross out of two stalks (left), put two crosses on top of each other and connect the individual stalks with a thread (right)

Prepare two crosses out of two stalks, which will be stacked. Hold the star between forefinger and thumb. With the other hand, you umweben the star. For this purpose, a thread is first passed over the straw strip, which rests on top, and then under the adjacent strip through, back up and immediately. When both thread ends meet, tighten tightly and knot. From the drooping ends you can tie a loop.

Trim the rays diagonally

An eight star with a loop to hang

Finally, shape the rays with small scissors (left). If you want to have a star with even more rays, place two four-stars offset one above the other and connect them with a thread (right)

With a small pair of scissors you cut the rays again at the end. For the Achterstern you interweave two four-star staggered, skilled hobbyists put on an unbound four-star gap on the gap four more stalks and weave the eighth star in a single operation.

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